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  1. Steve

    We have a new Moderator

    I am very pleased to announce that today we have a new Moderator. Gedstar has agreed to join the team and help us keep PSG great forum that it is. Thanks Gedstar :thumbsup: :clap::happy:
  2. Steve

    Log On Problems with Photoshop Gurus Site

    Some members may have had problems logging in today. We're aware of the problem and hopefully it's been fixed.
  3. Steve

    I need to hear from Challenge Winners

    As of today there have been 29 completed challenges. We now have an award for Challenge Winners and I want award all the winners. Leave me your name if you won a challenge and I'll give you an award. :thumbsup: Thanks guys for participating. :wave2:
  4. Steve

    Look what I saw on my street.

    Poorly cropped pic I took on my phone, I could barely see the scene but still pretty cool,
  5. Steve

    Matching Skin Tones

    Here's a tutorial that may help you to match skin tones.
  6. Steve

    DXO Optics Pro 8 FREE

    DXO Optics Pro 8 is a RAW editor and not the most current version of the software but DXO is offering it as a free download if you're interested. I'm not familiar with this software but I downloaded and installed it and plan to play around with in over the next few days. If any of the...
  7. Steve

    We have two new Moderators.

    I am very happy to announce we have two new Moderators here at PSG. Tom Mann and ALB68 have agreed to help us out and become Moderators here at Photoshop Gurus. Thanks guys. :clap::clap::clap: :rocker: :thumbsup:
  8. Steve

    What am I doing wrong -Batch Process.

    I have about 700 RAW images I want to batch process through PS. All I want to do is reduce their size from 5184 X 3456 to 900 X 600 @ a resolution of 150 and save as JPG files. Since RAW files run through ACR first and there's no way to reduce images size I just run it and end up with full size...
  9. Steve

    Free plug ins for Photoshop by onOne Software

    onOne software makers of Perfect Resize, formerly called Genuine Fractals, is offering several free downloads. I haven't yet tried them but check them out and see if you find the useful.
  10. Steve

    DuraPlaq Products

    I realize there aren't to many serious photographers here but I wanted to pass this along. I went to an art/craft show over the weekend and met a photographer named Jim Saylor. I loved his photographs but the way they were displayed was absolutely beautiful. For many of his photo displays he...
  11. Steve

    Happy Holidays

    Being a Christian I celebrate Christmas. To all the Christians, Merry Christmas. To the Jewish members, I hope you had a happy Hanukkah. To the atheists, happy winter solstice. To everyone else, "Peace on earth and good will towards all men." Happy Holidays.
  12. Steve

    Has anyone received a letter from Adobe .......

    ...... informing you they were hacked and your personal information was compromised? I did, it was last month. The gave me a complimentary Experian account and so far I've had no problems. Another odd thing that happened, and I assume it's related, Photoshop has reverted just a...
  13. Steve

    A Shout Out to Dell Computers

    My last 4 computers were Dell computers. Two laptops two desktops. Over the course of the years 3 of the 4 have had an in-warranty issue. A noisy fan on one Desktop, a bad back light on one laptop, well into my extended warranty, and the problem with my new 1 year old laptop. I turned on my...
  14. Steve

    Creepy image

    I spotted this HERE and wanted to share it. Creepy isn't it.
  15. Steve

    Criticism or Critique?

    Do you want a Criticism or a Critique? I see so may people asking for criticisms of their work. Just to clarify. A criticism is "the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes" What you want is a critique. A critique is "a careful judgment in which...
  16. Steve

    Monitor calibration for Printing

    I don't normally have much of an problem getting the screen and printer output very close. to each other. Now I have a few images with lots of reds and I'm having a real problem. I calibrate my Dell SP2208WFP with a GretagMcbeth eye-one display LT. I've always used 6500° as a white point...
  17. Steve

    Lightzone is available again .................

    ........................... and now it's free at LightZone Project. LightZone for Windows V4.0, New Release (June 15, 2013) READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS FIRST: Copyright (c) 2005-2011 Lightcrafts,inc., & 2011-2013 The LightZone Project, Fabio Riccardi, creator & original owner, Lightcrafts, inc...
  18. Steve

    Photoshop CC vs Photoshop CS??

    There's a lot of confusion about Adobe's new Creative Cloud. It's assumed that all Adobe products will be available via a monthly subscription only, and that may be true. I found this post by Scott Kelby, a Photoshop heavy weight. My Adobe Creative Cloud Quick Q&A Read the article and you'll...
  19. Steve

    Can you fix this image? Raw image supplied.

    Another raw image. Right out of the camera it looks like this. What can YOU do with the RAW file? Post your results.
  20. Steve

    HDR a Beginners Guide

    HDR stand for High Dynamic Range, so what is dynamic range as it relates to digital photography? The human eye can actually perceive a greater dynamic range than is possible with a camera. Our eyes can see a range of nearly 24 f-stops of light. That means your eye can look at a scene with...