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  1. Inkz

    Feedback Love the new look of the forum, GJ!

    Looks great actually.. Good job to all for the new theme. Looks like you staff need new userbars lol, yours are looking very default. Also the forum icons could do with being pulled into the 21st century lol.
  2. Inkz

    Logo design challenge

    Talking with OP via email, also payment received.
  3. Inkz

    Logo design challenge

    Send OP a pm regarding this
  4. Inkz

    logo design needed PAYING $50

    Mods, this can be closed. Communication was limited, created 3 concepts for the client and not heard anything back for 4 days. Client may well have gone else where or got a cheaper quote.
  5. Inkz

    Wheel change on a car

    Not a clue mate. I'm not car savvy lol
  6. Inkz

    Wheel change on a car

    Never thought I would post here but I'm asking for a good friend of mine. I'm not too sure why and I don't want to know lol. Anyway. What I need is the wheels from the blue car added to the grey car and also I would like it if the grey car was lowered. I'm aware that the quality of the blue...
  7. Inkz

    Actions for Pizza Photography Needed

    Could you provide us with some sort of visual reference so we know how to help?
  8. Inkz

    logo design needed PAYING $50

    Sending a PM to OP
  9. Inkz

    How to reduce png files in Photoshop

    Try this, works for me... When saving go to File >> Export >> Save for web (Legacy)
  10. Inkz

    Logo for my clinic

    Ahh man, what's wrong with me today lol?
  11. Inkz

    Logo for my clinic

    Typo's amended and is a png.
  12. Inkz

    Logo for my clinic

    Haha I'm tired and didn't even notice. lol
  13. Inkz

    CS:GO Mascot Logo Design

    Here's a mascot logo I recently developed for some gaming friends.
  14. Inkz

    Logo for my clinic

    I'd rather have nothing there, just a space. Cheers matey
  15. Inkz

    Composite Photomanipulation: It's Done

    Hey everyone. Most PSG oldies would know I started of here years ago posting up Photomanipulations over and over again. I found creating them was such fun and great practice. Anyway, not done one in ages and had spare time to indulge. My idea for this was to have a futuristic model in and...
  16. Inkz

    Logo for my clinic

    The logo image itself is ok it was just your text that caused the explosion lol
  17. Inkz

    Logo for my clinic

    The logo image is pretty decent, however, your typography and placement needs work. I will have a play with this and post up my results. Welcome to PSG by the way lol.
  18. Inkz

    Hello !!

    Welcome aboard
  19. Inkz

    Connectology Logo Concept || WIP

    Working on a logo concept based around connecting technology. The idea behind the logo image is the use of solder points and connecting them. Still a WIP but I hope you see the idea behind the design. It's also a monogram of C & O for Connect Ology, faint but it is there. Also, really...