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  1. theKeeper

    New Source for "Bratz Doll" tutorial...

    Hiya folks. My name's Mark Larmand (aka theKeeper). I imagine there are no folks left here from way back when. So you newer folks wouldn't know me, but i'm the original creator of this forum and the Website "The Photoshop Guru's Handbook". I started this project back in 1996. Anywho...
  2. theKeeper

    Congratulations Reg (Gaussian) on the redesign of PSG.

    I must say i'm very happy with the new look/feel Reg. It's clean & refreshing. :bustagut: Well done. :righton: The tutorials look like they were a lot of work. Very well done on changing those over also. I look forward to seeing attendance up again as in the old days, and perhaps better. That...
  3. theKeeper

    A Real Girl, Into a Bratz Doll

    Converting a Stock Photo Into a "Bratz" Doll. Because of the technical nature in this type of photo manipulation, i'm going to have to assume that the user has at least an Intermediate level understanding of Photoshop. That will allow me to keep things running smoothly and not make this...
  4. theKeeper

    Wishing Welles a Happy Retirement...

    Anyone that would like to wish our newly retired MOD Squad member Welles a happy retirement... do so in this thread.
  5. theKeeper

    Another MOD Squad Member Must Retire.

    It is with a happy heart that we hang up the houlster of another MOD Squad member, so that he may move forward with his REAL life. Welles, has asked to be 'retired' so that he may pursue a real life adventure. We'll certainly miss your presence and guidance around here my friend, but most...
  6. theKeeper


    Before i get to the winners, i'd just like to say that everyone who took the time to enter did an excellent job. I was glad to see how different each entry was from the others. We realize the subject matter was not extremely difficult, but decided anyway that it might be a fun and simple...
  7. theKeeper

    Hey check this out guys. My bro just enlightened me to this. It's very cool and most entertaining. :D Link to download the app is at the topright.
  8. theKeeper

    Creating a Starburst Vector Shape.

    You could probably find this specific shape in some collection out here somewhere... but why not create it yourself from scratch? It'll give you a chance to flex some creative muscle AND brush you up on your Pen tool skills a little too. ;) => If you have any questions/comments about this...
  9. theKeeper

    Creating an Animated Flag in Photoshop - by TaoBoogie

    This tutorial was written by a long-standing member of the PSG community, TaoBoogie. Thanks for the tute Tao! :righton: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This tutorial was originally done up as a PDF...
  10. theKeeper

    Checkout a cool new app, that's FREE right now.

    Checkout this new beta app guys it looks VERY cool and VERY promising!
  11. theKeeper

    Creating a Magnifying Glass, from scratch.

    This tute was created by PSG member p?tr??k; as a request from a new member. Thanks p?tr??k. Your time and efforts are very appreciated. :} Note: i believe the aim of this tute was to create an icon image. Should you have problems/questions concerning this tutorial, please address them in...
  12. theKeeper

    Would you like to get the "heeby geebies"?!

    Then check THIS out! oooohahahahaaaa!!!!! [sly] TURN THE LIGHTS OFF!!! and your sound UP! :bustagut: Info on the creator can be found here:
  13. theKeeper

    Phun with Photoshop

    Hey nice work Gare. Very convincing. :righton:
  14. theKeeper

    CASE STUDY: the glass sphere effect

    Guys this thread is to be used to discuss the subject covered in this thread on the "Forum Tutorials" board: Let loose here all thoughts, ideas, concepts, questions or anything else concerning that thread's topic.
  15. theKeeper

    CASE STUDY: the glass sphere effect

    Not really a tute here folks but more of a case study as to the effects a glass sphere has on its surroundings, and also how its surroundings have an effect on it. Why am i doing this? Because so many times past & present i have seen this effect attempted and 'almost' simulated. But everyone...
  16. theKeeper

    3 New Tutes in the Forum Tutorials Board!

    Just a heads-up about the 3 new tutes in the Forum Tutorials board folks. A Simple Polaroid Photo Effect Very simple effect that's made easy to do using the Crop tool. Check it out. The 'Giger' Effect Cool and weird effects created in the style of the infamous artist 'Giger'. A good...
  17. theKeeper

    A Simple Polaroid Photo Effect

    I don't recall if PS7 has any special crop tool abilities beyond the basic moves, but with PS CS/CS2 you can simply use the Crop tool to make this effect very easy to create. PS7 users may as well try this to see if they can use the Crop tool in this way also. Let me explain... 1) Open...
  18. theKeeper

    Illustrator TactaPad -- wow very cool!

    Check this out you vector artists! This is VERY cool! :righton:
  19. theKeeper

    44 PhotoShop hidden tricks and shortcuts!

    Good thread from over at the CGTalk Forum... Check it out, it's a list of 44 useful tips/shortcuts for PS. Even has some i didn't know about, like #2. ;)
  20. theKeeper

    No More Pruning of the Photoshop Campfire Board

    Guys' i've decided to turn off board pruning for the Campfire board. At least for a long while. I didn't realize it was getting 'snipped' THAT closely. And now that i'm on my own server with oodles of space, i'm not going to be as concerned about the boards getting too large. So... if anyone...