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    Specific Remove people on background

    Hello! Please can you remove the people walking in the background towards the camera - the man on the right hand side closest walking away from the camera is to stay it’s the people walking towards that I’m hoping to remove! Thank you so much!
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    Specific Removal of person behind

    Hello! Would it be possible to remove the person with their back turned behind the person in the front so it looks like it’s just the one person in the photo? please let me know if not possible too complicated? thank you so much!
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    Specific Sunglasses reflection

    Hello! Please could you remove the glare from the person in fronts sunglasses so that you can’t see the person in the reflection? thank you
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    Specific Snow Edit!

    Please could someone clean up the path on the left hand side so its prettier like the on right of the path and it’s all white down the path instead of seeeing the melted snow/ground showing through on the left? Don’t mind seeing some footsteps. Throughout to make it look authentic. Mod edit...
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    Specific Blue skies

    Hello Would it be possible to adapt the photo of the girl biking against the light to change the sky to have the blue sky and light of the other photo? Thank you so much!! Really looking forward to seeing how you are able to adapt the image
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    Specific Blue skies - looking for help please!

    Hello! This was taken on a very overcast day! Would someone be able to help me make this image look like a nicer day by making the sky a bit blue behind the woman if if possible decrease some of the mist around the mountains? Thank you so so much! Really appreciate your help.