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    Selection of webdesign company

    First of all look at their portfolio , and the contact one the their clients and ask him about the the quality of work and timely driven or not.
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    plz review my education website guyz.

    sandfordhighschool ' s design is good and attractive.But i suggest you about keywords which you are using there.These are very general in should be specific about the course which you are offering.high school diploma is a very general but ACCP , BCS or whatever courses you are...
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    Photoshops all hotKeys

    When I have something chose and I push the keys "cmd" + "D", it simply does nothing. I have to actually click select>deselect even though right next to deselect it says that what I am using is the hotkey. Why is it doing this, it happens with my home Mac (10.6) and the one at my school...
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    Web Design - 7 Tips to Design Your Website

    Displaying the graphics in prominently is the best tip which i have got from here.I knew this but did not realize when i made some templates.
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    3D Having "crashing" problems with Photoshop 3D feature.?

    I have been told by people that i should make sure that my video card is up to date. The problem is that I already tried that like 2-3 times. I downloaded the drivers and they are still in my PC but don't even know if they were installed or if those files are conflicting with the present...
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    3D How do I make a picture look 3D in photoshop?

    For example, I had a picture of a man with a background, And I just wanted the man to be 3D? how would I do that?
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    3D How do i make an image layer appear 3d in photoshop?

    Hi. I am using photoshop CS3 and am trying to illustrate a muscle tendon that has become detached from its point of insertion and is now bending (with the muscle belly no longer taut) as if coming out of the picture towards the viewer? Any suggestions? Please help
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    3D Will this laptop work with photoshop 3d tools?

    Can anyone tell me if this laptop: Tiger Direct CA 6&sku=S445-170017, will work with Photoshop CS5's 3D tools...specifically repousse. Its an i3, 2.13ghz 500gb with Integrated HD graphics. also if you know anything about the laptop...or have any comments/criticism about it please feel free...
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    What is an artistic job that doesn't involve drawing, painting etc.?

    I have to choose an artistic job for art class, and I have no idea what to choose. All I know is that I do not want to choose a job that involves drawing, painting, or anything else that would be considered classical art.
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    Which career provides a steady income and uses drawing/painting skills?

    I am looking for a career that provides a steady income and uses my drawing and painting skills. Do graphic designers mostly have a steady 9-5 kind of job, or do they freelance?
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    Has anyone gone from drawing & painting realistically to more imaginative work?

    I have been drawing & painting pets and wildlife from my photos (just as a hobby and for family and friends), but would like to try dragons and other fantasy creatures. I am curious to see if anyone has made such a transition (I know we don't have to choose just one style), and did you find...
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    How good do I have to be at drawing/painting to get into a graphic design program?

    I'm okayyy at drawing and painting. Not very good at making it look realistic though. I'm a sophmore in high school. I plan on taking drawing and painting classes at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) this summer. I have a great eye for color and laying things out though! My hobby...
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    How do I move photoshop from my old computer to my new computer?

    I have photoshop on my current/old computer. I recently purchased a new computer and I can't find my photoshop cd anywhere! Is there any way that I can download photoshop from my current/old computer and install it on my new computer?
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    What is the difference between Photoshop and Photoshop elements?

    Is there even a difference? Because i cant notice a thing that is different between these two photoshop apps. i have photoshop v. 7.0 and photoshop elements v.6.0 and i don't see what the difference is between them. Maybe you know of something that one program has that the other one doesn't.
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    where can i download photoshop? send me a link please =]
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    New Here

    I am new here and want to learn