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    Blending images/creating a montage

    Hi, I would like to make a picture to the similar one below: I would like to make a similar one, but have certain people in certain positions Hennessey (Top Left) Scott Dann...
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    please can someone help me enhance this photo?

    Hi, please someone help me with enhancing this photo, as it has some dust, scratch and hair marks on it, please can someone email me the full size of the image, as i presume that uploading it on here will make the res smaller? but i have uploaded it on here anyway, thanks!
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    please can someone help me remove the person in the background?

    Hi all, Please can someone help me remove the person in the background, I am trying to keep the wall consistent in the background, which I'm finding quite difficult, please can anyone help me at all? Thanks
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    Image Editing Help- blurred photo

    Hi, can someone please help me with editing this blurred photo, have tried a few times but its not looking any better, thanks.
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    Fixing Chin

    Hi, sorry to bother again, I really appreciate the help that has been given out by members of this group, please can anyone help me once again? I have managed to cut half of someone's face off, please can anyone help me fix it at all? Thank You
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    Fixing Chin Help

    Hi, please can I have a little help with editing this photo, I have slightly cropped the chin off the guy in the left of the photo. I was just wondering if there was anyway that I could use photoshop or can someone please help me with fixing it. I have uploaded the photo below: Here are some...
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    Simple Photo Background Edit Help

    Hi, can someone please help me remove the person for the background of the image, the bald guy lol. thanks
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    Image Editing Help- Removing person from background with Photoshop

    Hi, sorry to bother again. Please can I have some help removing the person behind me in the picture? I am located on the right hand side and have also managed to cut my chin off. I have tried editing the image but have had some difficulty. I would appreciate the help, thanks. P.S. I would like...
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    Image Editing Help-

    Hi, please can anyone help me fix these two images, in the first image I would like to remove the person behind me and possibly fix my chin as it has been cut off.In the second picture, I would like to fix my cut off chin again.I would be grateful for the help. Thanks have also cropped my chin...
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    Help Fixing Closed Eyes

    Hello, I recently had my picture taken with the Edge from U2, however his eyes weren't looking at the camera, which looks like his eyes are closed and its annoying! Please can anyone help me edit his eyes to make them look that they are open? This is my original image: Here are some...
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    please can you help? eyes closed?

    Hi, please can anyone help me fix this photo below? My eyes look like they are about to close and I look stoned. I have included the photo below and some with my eyes open. I am no good with the Photoshop stuff and would really appreciate the help! picture that needs fixing...
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    Photoshop help with making a photo lighter? how can i make this better?

    Hi, please can anyone help me make my photo a bit lighter, so that both our faces are visible? I think the background might be too light and possibly will have to be made a little darker? i'm unsure, just what do you think? thanks