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    getting rid of glare on car body

    Hi Everybody Long time no see. This question may have a shamefully simple solution and please know that I am trying quite a few different things with some success, but is there a really nifty way of ridding a car body of glare - in a photo? Thanks in advance Cheers Koula :)
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    How can I create a 3 dimensional gray paper photo background

    Hello I have a photo of three people. One is standing and two are sitting on the floor. I need to remove them from the actual photographic background and place them onto a new simulated gray paper background. My main problem is: How do I make the fore and backgrounds look realistically 3d...
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    bubbles in ps 5.5

    Hi All I am looking to add to a photograph some bubbles--as in bubbles that are made from detergent and blown out through a hoop. Does any one know how to do this? If so, please feel free to tell me. Thanks :)
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    iris gradient in 5.5

    [confused] Hi Y'all. Confound it! Although I have done this several times in the past and quite successfully, I cannot for the life of me make my gradient (self edited vertical lines that go to form the lines the radiate around the pupil of an eye). I have tried to apply the gradient tool...
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    belated dome to Wendy

    Hi Wendy A long long time ago I promised that I would send you an example of my attempts at creating a dome after you posted the perfect sample for me. Well, my work on this project is in its infancy and very very bad. But on principle, I had to show you the result so far-as I promised I...