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    Hello There is one of my artwork. Before two pictures, I had fixed 24 mm lens: and after (manually stitched in photoshop to get better result and color correction) :
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    How to remove brown spots

    Hello I have problem with large brown spots over the image. I was photographing northern lights with canon 5D MKII, ISO800, 10s and later discovered nasty spots over the whole image. I made several shots and all these pictures have the same problem. I show there only part of the picture to get...
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    Hello from Estonia!

    I am new here but have used photoshop last 8 years and I have attended in photoshop courses. I am nature photographer and I am using photoshop for my artwork. I am not a professional photoshop user and I have still much to learn. I hope to do it on your site :). With Best Wishes Raptoom