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    Michael Jackson Edit

    Went away from the sports and did something a little different today. LMK what you think
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    Different style Jordan edit

    What do you guys think of this one I just did. Different from any others Ive ever done
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    Jordan Lebron Edit

    Thanks for the tips guys. Truthfully, I was going for that over-abstracted look to begin with for this one. I have always liked that style.
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    Jordan Lebron Edit

    Here is another recent piece I did when Cavs lost. LMK your thoughts
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    My Latest Sports Edit

    Thanks for the responses and feedback....I purposely went with a busier background to go along with the 90s theme, when busy and bold were the thing
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    My Latest Sports Edit

    Brand new to the forum, first post, but I wanted to showcase my latest work covering my favorite decade of the NBA. All feedback welcome!