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    seems I'm back....:)

    Curiosity killed the cat and brought me back here. I was wondering what the activity is here nowadays and it seems PSG is stronger than ever, so I decided a come back (like all great artists :D)
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    Figures......... All the best for those that have known me.
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    We have a winner!

    Our local internet newspaper ran a little contest on holiday photography. Most people sent in photo's from exotic places, I chose a little landscape I found on a beautiful walk with my dogs. So one day, I got a nice mail, telling me I had won a prize. The prize is a stone grill diner for two...
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    Portrait drawing

    First drawing from photo (by Man Ray 1929) Couldn't get the ear right Sanguine pencil and pastel pencils
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    No title

    I was about to start a tutorial when my mind suddenly decided against it and made me create my own work. Started with the dancer. .
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    return member

    Yes yes, I'm back. Have been very busy with lots of things, including art school, but for some time now I'm back creating in PS, so I thought it was time to return here and maybe enroll in a few contests. (and learn, of course!) My teacher at art school decided I could mix PS with manual art...
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    Pen stopped working

    I plug in my tablet but the pen does not work. I tried different ports. I contacted the help desk but answers are very short like "does your tablet light up" Now I'm no tech wizzard but that I know..:eek: I also tried changing the tip but nothing happens. Any suggestions or solutions?
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    real or not?

    I think photoshop, how about you guys??
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    Ten years after

    Deleted, Shocked by the non response on something so personal that meant such a lot to me.
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    How to improve?

    This car, I saw for real a few days ago. Yes, with a "Just Married" sticker on the back. So I wanted to play with it. I'm not sure if it is any good, so please, suggestions welcome (no edits though, I want to keep it my work, thanks) (I didn't add a shadow for the penguin, as I was not sure...
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    In case you need inspiration

    just found this through Facebook
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    More Manga

    This is really fun ! (and no, sorry, don't have any pics of me ;) )
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    Nice app!

    When seeing what I did to Chrisdesign's girl with closed eyes, my BFF said : "o it's nice all those apps now, you can change anything in seconds." :banghead:
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    Filter -> render, how to add new ones?

    Hi, longtime no see, too many things to do, but now I have a question. I have this tutorial to add botanical elements to a text, but he uses the filter -> render and I only have "clouds, fibres, lens flares..." So I downloaded some renders but I cant find to add them; Would be so gratefull for...
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    when you have a bit of flu and a passion....
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    Back in town

    I had some busy weeks before my holiday and the days before we took off, I could not reach the forum. So we got back home on Saturday and I have been busy again for most of the time. A few days before leaving, my husband told me he had a bad hernia and would not be able to go. In the end he did...
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    Dog splash

    For a few years now, swimming pools in the Netherlands organize a "dog splash" at the end of the season; They stop adding chlorine to the pool and then one day you can go with your dog. Next day pool is emptied and bye bye until Easter. I love doing this, especially since my cocker loves diving...
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    And now for something completely different

    As a teenager, I used to draw a lot, people liked my drawings too. So when I was 15, I applied for art school (regular day school) and made it through two days of testing. However, I was not really talented enough and I gave up at 18, being in my second year for the second time. But I always...
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    weird photo

    Shot this last weekend but cannot make it any better, it has a spooky effect as if the drummer is projected on the wall instead of actually being there. Adjusting the levels makes it even spookier original darker any ideas?
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    quick retouch

    Friend asked if I could make her arm thinner. As it is just for a snapshot, I did a quick try. Is it any good? How to improve?