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    Freelance Graphic Designer

    Is your daughter getting some assistance from a online marketing firm? I have made an inquiry but thinking about my current financial state, I am afraid, I would not be able to maintain this kind of services.
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    Freelance Graphic Designer

    I decided to work as a freelance designer for a couple of months now. It has been a roller coaster ride really but I have never enjoyed my life as much as I do today. The downside? Of course getting clients on a regular basis. I have been using the social media but seems not enough as a...
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    What you listening to while you create?

    This song by Adele has been going on repeatedly while I am working.
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    Disaster recovery solutions

    I guess there are some service providers that can give you so much assistance with this scenario. Look up the net, I am sure you will find a lot. I can't advertise our provider though. :)
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    What you listening to while you create?

    Something slow does the trick for me. I cannot really concentrate with too much beat..:) I guess I am comfortable with relaxing sounds while working.
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi everyone..A newbie too in here. I finally registered after reading a lot the last 2 days. So many helpful input from the users.