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    Heal, Clone or Content Aware Fill before or after Raw file exposure clean up?

    Hi, Regarding the order in which you develop raw files in Photoshop or Lightroomfor that matter. Should you do your heal, clone or content aware fill workbefore or after you make color and exposure adjustments? I have some landscapepics and need to remove power lines and little odds and ends. I...
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    Content Aware Move Tool

    I was using the Content Aware Move Tool while following alongon a video, both I and tutorial where using PS CC. I noticed in the tool barfor the Content Aware Move Tool the tutorial had the “Adaptation” setting thatI did not have on my screen. It is the setting with the drop down box that has...
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    Kelby One Videos vs free Youtube Videos?

    Hi, I have been sifting thru lots of YouTube tutorial videoslearning PS and LR and have learned a great deal, however on many videos the instructortalk and move the mouse so fast it’s hard to keep up and follow. With LR it wasnot much of an issue, I was able to pick most of it up since it a...
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    Shortcut Keys not working, CMD [ ]

    I and using PS CC on a MacBook Pro. All was going well for a few months then some of the shortcut keys stopped working in PS and LR. The CMD [ ] does not work and the CMD T is also not working most of the time, although the CMDT started working after I login and out. But the CMD [ ] still will...
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    Quick Selection Tool

    Hi, I was using the quick selection tool to wrap the marching ants around a building to swap the background, but as I worked the ants around the building they would scatter everywhere into every nook and sometimes jump an inch or so either in our out. I really could not control them. Can someone...