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    Razer Blackwidow Advertisement

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    Smexified Bean Joker

    Before After
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    Color Effect on Starburst

    Would anyone teach me how the yellow blends so well with the blue on the streaky starburst? I know how to make the starburst...But when I try to replicate the effect, the yellow and blue doesnt pop out and it looks bland and really soft
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    Soft High Contrast Look?

    How can I achieve the look and effect that was done to Russell Wilson(the player)? It's soft, contrasty, a little bit grungy, and you can still see him perfectly. Is it made with a plugin like topaz labs?
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    Motion Effect in Madden

    These effects are seriously sick. How do ea made it? I know they used motion blur on a duplicate layer and probably mask it and brush. I just wanna know how they bring out the shadows and make it black? Curves?
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    How can I make this effect?

    I don't know if this is an adjustment or not, but I dont think its blending/layer style
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    Pencil tool doesn't fill in the color, only add to it

    So when I used my pencil tool and the opacity is set to 100%, I click at a place and it only adds a light amount of that color. For example, on a yellow surface and I pick red as the foreground color, when I click the pencil tool to the yellow surface, it looks like light red mixed with yellow...
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    Gradient Help

    How do I stuff that is like the gradient looking thing in the pink area?
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    Help with wavy effect

    Does anyone know how to make the wavy effect behind "King of Spade". Please help me on how you do it. I think it has something to do with the Filters bar?
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    Half color background

    How do I make it so I can get half color on one side of the background and another color on the other side of the background?