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    "do you dream" W.I.P

    i cant seem to find how i update the photo so i will post the progress here
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    Photo Manipulation The Best Friend.

    i love the way how your color matched the whole thing, especially the truck but the composistion need something "extra" .. some light or i dont know but is a bit dull because of all the same collors
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    "do you dream" W.I.P

    hey there all of you, after six amazing months in Nepal (but without PS inspiration) i'm finaly woriking on somthing again its a work in progress because when i feel im done i dont want to edit it any more first off i know my lightning / shadowing sucks.... but for some reason im not realy in...
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    The Zebra

    for me (its a taste thing) i like it when a digital painting is a real as it gets , but you can still see that its digital when you look longer / closer this is as good as it gets ... i like this way more than the tiger that you posted realy amzing job
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    [Photomanipulation] Roswell 2.0.

    to be able to work with (realistic) light is also one of my weakneses. but even if i cant tell where the green light comes from I like it verry much i like what it does with the atmosfear i agree that overall its on the darkside , but that could verry well be a taste thing i love how you...
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    Hi fellow Photoshopers

    enjoy John PS can be hard in the begining, so dont give up to fast.. you will like it i promiss you
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    Hello Photoshoppers

    hey Ged lets start with that respect is not needed in this case, i have been handed an uportunity to follow my heart. And im taking it (BIG TIME) actualy im not much of a traveller (atleast i did not used to be). summer hollydays and me were never a match made in heaven (long story) i did my...
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    Yet another car.. Dacia Logan

    forget the shadow, where can i buy this dacia :cool2:
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    in to darkness

    thankssss.... this is the kind of help and tips i hoped to get from joining a forum like this one :yourock:
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    Hello Photoshoppers

    hello everybody i have started a few treads already but let me just introduce myself i'm Mitchell , 41 years old and dutch after using ulead photo impact for a year i switched to photoshop in 2002 (i think) i am self taught by internet en you tube my insparation is "life" basicly, months...
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    in to darkness

    i am loving the comments, i should of joind a / this photoshop forum years ago some of the comment are ofcoure a matter of taste, choice, style (wich is also true for the comment that i give) so i might not agree or think a like, but i like the discussion and the fun part (for me at least) is...
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    in to darkness

    interesting view / comment : there is a reason for the side object, so im interseted to hear what you would of done with them after you know what there role is in the picture as i told its my dark interpertation of "hope,love and faith" hope is the anchor love is the hearth (duhhhhhh)...
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    in to darkness

    when i made this i was aware of the effect lighting could have, but was still to busy learning other things ... but although i will not replace the original in my collection, i think i will experiment with your comments (lighting) . just to learn and see the difference i hear what you say...
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    Fantasy raven

    A-MA-ZING love the atmosfear mabe a bit les 3d on the feather but damnnnnnn that atmosfear realy sucks you in LOVE IT
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    Kill Subzero

    impressive i like the brightness and intens colors and i am a big fan of sub zero realy cool job the only comment i could think of is the size of subzero if he was a bit bigger, you would get more of that "VS" feel now he has a bit of small role in the picture you know like main and...
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    Time Portal

    i noticed one more thing on the inside of your portal, between the top of your ship and the edge of your portal: you basicly look in to the left side of your picture so the sky should be either the stars of the left side or a transistion form one to the other or one thats different from...
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    in to darkness

    this was my first creation with depth in it it was in a time that splitting up and the heart break did not happen yet but was a sure thing te be .. its my dark interpertation of the "hope, love, faith" theme these are the parts i used this is the result : the clouds, surflines and...
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    all feedback or critiques are welcome

    yeah those glass cubes never even thought abouth there shadows thanks !!!!
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    all feedback or critiques are welcome

    damnnn your right those strait hol lines damn it so easy to fix ....... thanks liking the feedback !!
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    Re: all feedback or critiques are welcome @ i am sam , 1 lets start with no hard feelings about of topic conversations, 2 still eager to hear you comments and more in general when i speak for my self i know my work is not perfect, not by a long shot. but i like to PS and im happy with...