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    Windows 10 upgrade -- Files in Explorer have "X"?

    So after upgrading to Windows 10, and opening up Windows Explorer, there is this Grey "X" on top of all of my files. What is that "X" and how can I get rid of them? Thanks!
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    Re: Creating light effects, rays, glare, streak, beam from robot eyes, etc.

    Can anyone show me how to make this horizontal light beam effect -- similar to the picture pictured? Thanks!
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    Possible to add a Custom Pattern to Outerglow?

    Hello all, I'm a bit of a PS newbie, but I was wondering, is it possible to add a custom Pattern to use for Outerglow? For instance, if there was a specific pattern, let's call it a polka dot pattern that I have custom created, is it possible to somehow import this into Outerglow and select...