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    Specific Camel ride I took in Cabo, Mexico

    Took me a lot longer than I'd like to admit (had to reconstruct the end of that souvenirs sign):
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    Specific Head swap

    Colored the neck to match skin tone.
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    Specific Please remove glass partitions.

    Now that is interesting. A lotta shenanigans going on here, haha.
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    Specific Please remove glass partitions.

    After re-reading your request, you did mention 'shopfront', so here it is with that corner divider in place:
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    Specific Please remove glass partitions.

    Here you go. I ended up removing the divider that turns the corner (divider that was second from right). If you want to keep that in, let me know.
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    Specific Remove blue bracelet

    Here's my attempt:
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    Specific Un-blur face!

    Wow, that is still a fantastic job! I wouldn't even have thought this was half possible from the original pic. Great stuff.
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    Specific Could you please remove the backpack?

    Jeffk already did a great job with removing the bag, so instead I've just changed it's color to lime since you didn't like blue. Lemme know if you'd like to try other colors.
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    Specific Remove reflection in sunglasses

    Hello. Just having some fun with this since Babine has done a great job already.
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    Specific Quick and Easy - Oni Mask Edit

    Made the changes you wanted. Smoothed under right eye and under nose. Have added a few versions with the posterized effect. To turn it into a proper cartoon would require tracing into vector using Adobe Illustrator to finish it off. As ex_teacher said, that will require more time and effort.
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    Specific Quick and Easy - Oni Mask Edit

    Oof, this took me longer than expected. I'm not as professional as the gurus here, but I did my best. No need to pay me. I'm just here for the practice. If you need any adjustments, do let me know.
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    Specific Quick and Easy - Oni Mask Edit

    And what about the nose? Keep it or no nose like the phantom mask?
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    Specific White Line Removal

    Ooh, spot healing! I keep forgetting to use instead of the clone tool. Thanks Babine.
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    Specific Avatar request

    Wow nice, I like the banner design ex-teacher. Very creative!
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    Specific Funny request -Add legs

    Here you go for the second picture:
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    Specific White Line Removal

    If you're okay with a simple content aware fill, here:
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    Specific Pulling Up to Look at Something

    Just having some fun with this. Floor is lava!
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    Specific Invisible Boat Mobile

    This is hilarious! I love it
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    Specific Car detail

    Rims done. Having a slight issue with the tint. I'm trying to match the front with the rear door. But now that I think about it, are you asking for both front and rear door window tints to be full black without that green hue?