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    How to undo the brush on the face

    I wanted to make a little shadow on his face with a brush, but forgot to make a new layer. I cant undo it with Control + Z because i kept on working after i tried to brush, so it would undo everything else too. Is there anything like a History where i can manually remove this specific brush action?
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    Specific Character removal

    Please remove her from the picture. I need the space for a diffrent person :)
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    Specific Expand the background to the left

    Please expand the silvery background to the left, so that eminem is more to the right. resolution = 1920x1080 please. He should fit in a third of the screen at the right side, if you know what i mean :)
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    Specific Tracing the contours

    I have this sketch of a foot and i need to trace the lines, that the lines dont look like a hand-drawn sketch anymore. The thicness of the lines should be the same at any point. Dont wonder why i need this, haha. Thank you!
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    Specific Add a jacket to the head.

    Hey, i am still trying to make the picture that looks like the one from eminem and yesterday, you helped me a lot. But to finish it, there needs to be some jacket or something, because his head is just flying there. I dont really care, what jacket, but it should be dark and look natural and...
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    Specific Shadow on the half face

    So, my friend took this picture and he wanted to make it look like this picture of Eminem. I made the black and white filter, but we dont have the possabilities to make a natural shadow like this, so it has to be edited. Can someone make the shadow on the right half?
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    Specific Recreate this shape

    Could someone recreate this round shape in HD? Thank you!
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    Specific Cut out the Background

    Could someone cut out this person and make him to a png? With shoulders please
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    Specific Change colours from blue to red

    I need the blue string in a bit darker red like the one in the second pic. Must be a png too btw! Thank you!
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    Specific I need someone to redraw these lines

    So i need this sketch digital and i cant redraw it myself because i only have a mouse. The hearts are not neccessary.
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    Specific Remove white surface

    Can someone remove the white surface and make me an png out of this. So i need this picture without the white surface so i can add it into word without problems with my text. I just need the picture of the man, so his signing can be removed aswell. Thank you!