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    Any one on deviantART?

    Only have a few things up at the moment. Not the creative kind like most of the members here. digitaldude400d
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    Don't click

    Id like to think we are all rebels!
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    PSG Freelance Designer Reviews

    Re: Freelancer Reviews If you are looking for someone to hire to create a unique and impressive web site logo I can highly recommend iNoob! He just did one for me and I love the results and the way he worked to make changes that I had asked of him. Thank you iNoob for the time you spent in...
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    Creating an oil painting from a photo in CS5

    Hi Deb, As with everything in photoshop there are many ways to do any task that you want. You can search the internet for oil paint actions and filters and come up with a lot of stuff. Dont know if this is something that will work for your needs or not but its a pretty cool lil piece of free...
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    15 Important Website Design Tips

    Really good information. I didnt realize how important alt tags are. Ill be working on mine to get them all correct now.
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    LOVE the first one. Is it possible to make the text glassy like the wedges? Makes me want to start working on a logo for some sites of mine!
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    squid harbor

    Really cool ! It amazes me the amount of creativity that is on this forum!
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    Good website for tutorial videos

    Looks like quite a few to select from but I think for the price there are better sites out there for tutorials. Kelby training for one but there are others as well.
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    Poll What Browser Are you using?

    I LOVED Firefox when it first hit the net but now it seems to be getting slower with every update. I started using Comodo Dragon about 6 months ago and am very pleased with it.
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    Guess Im older than I thought :( I have a nature scene on mine.
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    Thanks Hoogleman Ill have to give that a try.
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    Photoshop Challenge - Week#3

    Ok had to give this a go and came up with a bullger.
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    First image is straight out of the camera and the second is my edit.
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    who does not like beer?

    Interesting concept and well done.
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    how to make this shapes?

    Nice work Senior, Im looking forward to seeing the steps as well.
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    From boiling Texas

    Thank you Fairy.
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    Photoshop User Tv tutorials

    I cant embed the videos here but thought I would suggest watching these videos. They cover a wide ranges of things (not just photoshop). Scott Kelby, Dave Cross, RC and the others make learning really easy. Photoshop User TV
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    Using puppet warp for portrait touch up

    Some good stuff here! I had never thought about using puppet warp for opening the eye up a bit but will be doing more of that now!
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    what do u think?

    Some very realistic work. Looks like something for video game graphics.