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    Combining Actions Layers and Batch commands

    Now that I've started using video in Photoshop CC I'm finding ways to cut down on the lenth of time it takes to proccess certain tasks like removing a watermark from each frame. I found that converting my video to layers and then using actions to do what I want with each frame is a godsend. But...
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    Actions: Timeline or Layers

    Hi I've got a video from YouTube Creative Commons section that I want to add to my wordpress website but it has a logo thats not compatible with my site. I know how to use Actions to remove the affending logo but not sure wether to use the Action with the video in the timeline or insert the...
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    Centering 2 circles on a rectangle

    Hi Just started using Photoshop to do some new project work but don't know how to get these two circles positioned on the rectangle. The rectangle is 101.6mm long and 58.8mm wide. Both circles are 8mm in diameter and are 9.11mm from the top of the rectangle and 5.47mm from both the right and...
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    Animating hands in Photoshop

    Hi I've got Mikey here, from another piece of software and after I scew him anticlockwise and cut him in half I want to animate his right hand to wave to every one from behind the first letter of the page title. The software I'm going to be doing this in allows Gif animations, so its worth...
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    Hi from Lincoln in the UK

    Hi I'm Mike and I live in Lincoln Lincolnshire in the UK. At 71 I'm always looking for things to occupy my time and I've just got Photoshop and need some help to get started. I wanted to use Photoshop to animate the hands of a figure I found from another piece of software that I own so it will...