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  1. Coffee_Girl

    How do I create these shadows that mimic depth/indentation?

    How do I create these shadows that give depth and dimensions?? This is a blanket texture that was extracted and you can see all the soft dark areas that give depth. So sorry if my English is not clear, I am not good with this language.
  2. Coffee_Girl

    What am I doing wrong here? Bad composite attempt

    Sorry for being such a noob, I tried my hand for the first time with composite and it is horrible, can someone tell me how i can salvage this photo? Why does it look so bad?
  3. Coffee_Girl

    Is it possible to isolate all colors except the black colors on this pattern?

    First off, I just want to thank you for taking a look at this. I'm not great with photoshop (I can only use the paint tool)... how can I turn the brown areas pure white and only leave the black words and lines? I tried to use the paint tool to "paint" the brown areas white but it takes hours...
  4. Coffee_Girl

    Is this possible?

    I'm wondering what this method is called, taking a photo such as that on the left and turning it grey-ish like the right. I am not looking to make it desaturated. The one on the right allows you to recolor the photo with different hues. Thanks for all your help! Edit: I found out this is...
  5. Coffee_Girl

    Patterns are blurry when reduced?

    I tried googling this solution but most of the answers were from 2004 and it was "there is no fix". 1) My patterns are fine at 25% 50% and 100%...but at any other number...they get insanely blurry =[ 2) Also, how can i rotate my patterns layer without rasterizing it first? And how can i...
  6. Coffee_Girl

    How can i remove the spots from this image?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am wondering how I can remove the little orange spots on this image? I tried to paint over it with paintbrush but it leaves weird discolorations that look really ugly lol. Is there a way to remove the spots but keep the image seamless as if the spots...
  7. Coffee_Girl

    Dumb Question: How do I move my patterns over to a new computer?

    I've been trying to google this but all that came up were guides on how to move "presets"? I'm not sure if this was the same thing, and the strategies seemed very difficult and beyond my understanding. Is there an easier pain-free method of moving presets over?
  8. Coffee_Girl

    How do i maintain transparency when saving a file as png?

    I am working on this table, On the original mesh, the area (lacy parts) in the red square is transparent, I am a photoshop noob and I don't know how to retain the holes in the lace when saving the file as png. When I save the image normally it automatically flattens the picture and i get a...
  9. Coffee_Girl

    Please help! How can i change the texture of fabirc but still keep the creases?

    Hi guys! I am a noobie and I desperately need your help. I am trying to get into retexturing items for my Sims game but I can't seem to find a tutorial that will allow me to change a texture but maintain the original image's shadows and creasing. I attached a photo of what I am looking for...