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    How does this happen? Weird background

    Hi everyone, this never used to happen, does anyone know why when I expand the image horizontally and vertically all of a sudden I have a BLUE area around it? used to be that I didnt have any such thing and its really annoying do I get rid of this? Thanks
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    New Photoshop CC opening files in weird way

    Hi, normally when I used CS6, all of my files whether it was a FILE > NEW or a copy and paste into a new file, opened a normal, new size with my rulers on top. This new CC version is driving me CRAZY. RANDOMLY it opens ok, and then HALF THE TIME my files open like this: ATTACHED. Just a...
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    Help with text - acting up and doing crazy things

    Hi, for some reason my photoshop text is acting up like crazy! When I type, after the first few words it JUMPS to the far right and puts the weirdest spacing in between all my words....I have never seen this before, it literally "jumps" left and right for no reason while Im typing and even when...
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    Photoshop JPEG saves as PS?

    Hi, I don't know why but something happened recently and when I hit SAVE AS files, and try to make them JPEGS, even though they really are, they show up in the explorer as PS (see attachment). Even if I upload to wordpress or sny other software they don't show up with the image, they show up...
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    Photoshop keeps resetting

    Hi, can anyone PLEASE tell me why every time I shut down my computer (which is every few days), and then I reopen Photoshop (CS6), my entire settings are restored to the original (Black screen instead of grey, opens photos as tabs instead of individual, etc.) Basically anything I put a check...
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    Photoshop always resets itself

    Hi, using Photoshop CS6, and it drives me CRAZY that I have to keep redoing all my settings every time I shut down or restart my computer none of my settings are saved. For example the black background, the tabs opeing in separate windows, etc. Any settings I make, you shut down the computer...
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    Topography symbols

    Hi, would anyone happen to know if there are any places to get topography symbols, I got hired to draw a topography map of a mining area for a client and I am in DESPARATE need of good quality aerial mountains, trees, dirt, etc. Like you would see on a topography map. Thanks! lee
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    Issue with CMYK color values changing on me

    Hi, I have the weirdest issue with my CMYK values all the time and I dont know why. I have a client who asked for a SPECIFIC shade of blue which happens to be 100,70,0,0. Now I know my screen will never show the exact color, always shows lighter. This part is ok. But I go and change the...
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    Can anyone tell me how to do this effect in photoshop

    Hi, I am trying to replicate this effect in photoshop....can anyone tell me step by step how to do it please? Thank u so much!
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    Why cant I do bigger font size than 600?

    Hi, I am trying to design a banner for a client, that is 20 feet long. And when I highlight the text and make it 500, 600 pt its fins but as soon as I try and change to 700 or 800, it completely disappears and you cannot see the font. Why cant I do bigger than 600? Thanks Lee
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    New Cs5 "minimizing files" puts them on my Windows taskbar

    Hi, I just upgraded to the CS5 and this is driving me INSANE! It used to be that when I minimize the files, they stay inside photoshop and minimize there. Now they are going on my windows taskbar which makes it IMPIOSSIBLE to work! Is there a way to fix this? Thanks so much!
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    Help, CS4 is driving me CRAZY!

    I just got the new CS4, and its doing things that drive me nuts! Can someone please tell me why when I open each new image, it spans across the screen instead of opening in a little "window" like it used to in CS3? And on that note, when I have multiple files open, they just "tab" next to...
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    Printer prints with "dots" from Photoshop

    Hi, something really wierd is happeniong and if anyone can help I would truly appreciate it! Anything that I design in Photoshop and print---comes out with "dots", literally the entire image is made up of dots. When I print from any other application or even the internet, images print fine...
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    Hebrew fonts in Photoshop

    Does anyone know why I cannot copy and paste a hebrew font from a word document into Photoshop? It comes out like symbols. I need to be able to do hebrew fonts and write from right to left. Photoshop said I needed to by the MIDDLE EASTERN version. Is this true or is there any way to do this...
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    Black "thumbnails" when opening JPEG

    There is domething in Photoshop that is DRIVING ME NUTS and I dont know how to fix it. For some reason a lot of times when I save my jpgs and PSD files, then I go and open them, when you open the dialog box that says OPEN file, and then you see the thumbnails, my PSD's look fine but my JPGS...
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    CSH files not beeing seen?

    Hi, I just downloaded some custom shapes, .CSH file, and I see it in the right place in windows explorer but when I try to load in photoshop, and open the folder, Photoshop doesnt see it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
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    Print a bunch of images all in one shot

    Hi, I am designing a binder with many 8 x 11 images that I need to print out. Rather than opening each image one at a time and clicking PRINT, is there a way to send a bunch of them to the printer all in one shot? Thanks!
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    Convert CMYK to Pantone?

    Hi, I was just told by a printer that I need to convert my clients logo from CMYK to SPOT COLOR PANTONE? Though for the life of me I have never had to do this, I was told it is QUITE a procedure in Photoshop. Can anyone wlak me through it step by step please? Comething to do with channels...