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    Glad to see you up again!

    Yeah PSG is back!! Glad things are all worked out Mark!! :}
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    PSG Contest #1 -- The Winners

    Congrats everyone!! :righton: :righton: :} 8}
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    WIP comments please

    Hey way cool Rick!! Love the new site! :}
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    my pc is running toooo slow

    Great advice JoeD! :}
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    my pc is running toooo slow

    Yes listen to Erik and Stroker. I just ran into this type of thing with a family member. They had active virus software on the systems but because they used IE all the time they got hit. Spybot cleaned most of it off but to be safe we just wiped the drives and reinstalled. Doing a clean...
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    photoshop error when i launch program.

    Do a search on the dll file, comdlg32.dll on Google and you will find a ton of info on how to fix the problem and a well know dll site that you can obtain the original comdlg32.dll file from. With what I have seen with XP sp1 you would do best to install sp1 THEN Photoshop. According to your...
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    New website

    Very nice indeed! Well done! I think the site is very professional and easy to navigate. I have seen a ton of DJ sites lately since my daughter is getting married and I must say this is one of the best I have seen! :}
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    PSXtras has Merged with WZ2K

    I must say I haven't any problems with the site. I use Opera 7.51, Mozilla, and IE. Love the new layout!! :}
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    Font sharing between PhotoShop and PageMaker

    c>program files>common files>adobe>fonts All my fonts I have here are shared between the two programs. Just drop the font in this folder that they want to share in the Adobe products.
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    Mud slow load

    So true. If they run into this again just do a tracert and you will see the packets being dropped before they get to your provider. Anything over 60-80ms, depending on your connection, is trouble and will cause a slowdown in the connection.
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    Mud slow load

    Hey Mark! I think I figured out the problem well as far as my connection was concerned. $printlink was having isssues and dropping packets for a few days so my hop to CA was not good. Things are back to normal for my load of the Forum.
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    Mud slow load

    Yeah that is a bummer about the sigs for sure. I just came in from three different browsers, three different machines and to hit the main Forum page is taking an average of 12 seconds for it to show up. Then when I log in that is another 10 seconds for it to log me in. So for me the purge...
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    Mud slow load

    Just some suggestions from someone that has run the same boards you are running. You may need to limit the download size of the pics, actual size of the pics such as 600x600 max, limit the size of the sig banners, etc. The dbase size yes is an issue but it is from the very large pics and...
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    Mud slow load

    Hey Mark same problem here and I am on a dedicated T1. The main site loads fine but the Forum is very, very slow to load. Sometimes it takes two or three tries to even get in to the main page of the Forum as I receive time out errors.
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    batch replacing metatags in DWMX?

    Yes you can but it has to be done with variables. This little string was used to find some PHP code in over 80 pages and replace a certain string in the code: \<\?.*\n.*\n.*\n.*\n.*\n.*\n.*\n.*\n.*\n.*\n\?\>
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    rate this picture please

    Yes you can always count on a few that love it no matter what and one or two that hate everything and everyone and just love to bash. Now on to the pic. The contrast in general is not good. The photo does not render well on the web. The highlight in the eye, well it looks fake. Take a...
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    Imageready"dupliate Images...

    Well I am glad you have everything worked out. :}
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    Imageready"dupliate Images...

    Hence the same issues that I addressed earlier. You cannot save the images for page two and page three in the same folder as the images for page one. You will have dup and triple copies of the same image.
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    International Photoshop Meetup Day

    We tried that also where I live in a very, very large city. Same thing every time, one or two people would show up even though several voted and replied they would be there. At some point you say what is the use. We even networked with other designers from states close by and talked on the...