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    Worst passwords 2011

    LOL Paul. I Just know someone who uses the first name on your, list as his PC main account. I keep telling him to change it but he just keeps refusing it. LOL
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    Well (Y)

    Great job Vetoed Keep it up.
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    Merry Christmas!

    Very impressive piece Cindy Grundsten as usual. Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
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    Dreamers, introducing himself

    Hi Dreamers Welcome aboard, make yourself at home and happy photoshoping
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    Hola to everyone!

    Hola panacuba, bienvenido. Welcome to PhotoShop gurus.
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    Hello there!

    Hi gavil Welcome to PhotoShop Gurus. Glad to have you aboard, enjoy your stay.
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    Hi Potatoes Welcome to PhotoShop Gurus. Enjoy your stay.
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    Apple MAC Text Tutorial

    Nice Job Pepperbel Please Keep it up.
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    Mr Parsons

    Great Job Paul. I really like your cartoonish style Keep it up.
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    Hi Jarbin Welcome to PSG. Welcome aboard, we always learn something new everyday, i hope you also learn some tips and tricks from our PS community Enjoy your stay.
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    Hi wildlfl0wer Welcome to PhotoShop Gurus Enjoy your stay.
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    Hi adrianna Welcome to PhotoShop Gurus Enjoy your stay.
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    Soup'd up

    Great job Paul I really like that fx, it looks pretty cool. Keep it up.
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    Hi Hillsman Welcome to PhotoShop Gurus.
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    Amatuerish hello!

    Hi losman Welcome to PhotoShop gurus. Enjoy your stay.
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    Lady in oils

    Great Job Paul as always. Keep it up
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    WANTED: *WILL PAY* Someone who can photoshop some pictures for me by Friday!

    Hi f5designstudio Seems like you've uploaded the wrong image, the image you posted is the same image as OP's third pic, you may want to revise and upload you watermarked image proposal. *Edit I see you've already corrected that upload.
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    Announcing Our Newest PSG Moderator

    Congrats Hoogleman Well deserved promotion, you've been very helpful to our community, keep it up.
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    Problems loading tile maker filter!!!

    Hi hyperink studios Welcome to PhotoShop Gurus Which PS version are you using, if I'm not wrong the pattern maker filter only runs in the 32 bit and not in the 64 bit version, that could be the reason why not you are not seeing the filter tab.
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    Hi newbie123 Welcome to PhotoShop Gurus. Enjoy your stay.