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  1. Bonedog

    Couple of peices i did recently

    been working on a costume project with a friend recently, for her university final project, and its been really fun, the hi light of it were the costumes she had made for it, and they inspired me to do these. I took the photo for the one in a suit, i also did the filming for it but sadly I cant...
  2. Bonedog

    Hello All, im Back!!

    Hey Everyone, its been a while, I've been gone for around a year now due to various reason, but I'm back and really looking forward getting back to being a part of this great site and meeting new members and hopefully seeing some old faces! really glad to be back on here. I've been doing a bit...
  3. Bonedog

    Hello there =)

    I'm trying to get back to basics with my Photoshop, need inspiration, so I feel joining a new forum is the way to go so any help, feedback will be so helpful, also it would be much appreciated if you were to check out my work. my portfolio my Deviantart