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  1. Burned Ice

    Draw or draw, or both?

    I do both, first thumbnailing and iterations, then maybe a lineart then in photoshop. Not that I'm very good at it
  2. Burned Ice

    Head in the Clouds

    I really like it!
  3. Burned Ice

    Help! - Create a net in Photoshop?

    I'm 100% sure it's done with 3D software like 3ds max or blender, but I gave it a shot in psd anyway. Recreating it does not seem impossible at first. While it doesn't look like the original image, I tried it with a net pattern, liquify and layer styles. I think I need a smaller net and more...
  4. Burned Ice

    What you listening to while you create?

    Whilst I listen to The Prodigy, Linkin Park, The Chemical Brothers, Daft punk, sum 41, etc ; in my spare time, I often find classical music the best when I need to concentrate. I tone the volume down so it becomes more ambient.
  5. Burned Ice

    Merry Xmas PSG And Update on me...

    Hey hoogle, your post saddened me a bit, a lot can change in a few years. I'm glad I got back here so I could see this and post a reply. I wish you a good recovery, may 2016 be a lot more positive for you than this year. Good luck, merry christmas and happy new year :)
  6. Burned Ice

    Banner/Logo - $15 PayPal

    I quickly sketched an idea that popped in my mind in illustrator, I have no time to work on it any further so feel 100% free to use this. I thought of maybe replacing the i and the o in one of the words/ both words to a sword and shield. I tried making the O a shield but I don't think it's...
  7. Burned Ice

    Winner of Challege 32 - Tube World

    Cool! Maybe when I'm done with my finals I can try to get in one of these challenges myself :)
  8. Burned Ice

    Feedback for medieval game startscreen

    Sorry I did not see your reply sooner, I'm gonna upload my most recent version now and then off to catch up some sleep, been sleep deprived since I sacrificed time to watch the new star wars yesterday night :D
  9. Burned Ice

    Feedback for medieval game startscreen

    Thanks chris! I have applied your feedback and have made some more shapes + repositioning. Last things on my todo list are highlights and finishing shapes, maybe toying with the "Kväll" text some more.
  10. Burned Ice

    Feedback for medieval game startscreen

    Hey guys I have a school assignment where we have to make a medieval game start screen with a title and three buttons, I was wondering if I could have any feedback things I still have to change: The gold ornament around each button needs to be improved (as in, replacing the image with a shape...
  11. Burned Ice

    This is probably a re-introduction

    fun and a lot of hard work, I have quitted gaming, and some other hobbies almost entirely just to keep up with the workload.
  12. Burned Ice

    This is probably a re-introduction

    Im doing a mix of programming games and modelling. as drawing divided my courses, this year is heavily focussed on programming and next year on 3D, final year is internship
  13. Burned Ice

    This is probably a re-introduction

    I failed the course with one point too short, they grade very severe, my feedback was that they liked my idea but that it was too isometric, every small mistake costs me points. people following the game graphics aspect of the course (which I do not take) are drawing conceptual characters now...
  14. Burned Ice

    This is probably a re-introduction

    I just googled your school and on their website they said they teach you how to draw concept art? I was obliged to take drawing classes in my first year and I had never drawn before, but I made good progress, too bad it was the only course I failed.
  15. Burned Ice

    This is probably a re-introduction

    so where do you study 3D at? I'm currently enrolled in this school
  16. Burned Ice

    This is probably a re-introduction

    I'll have to ask my teachers if it were allowed to use third party tools for unwrapping, as they can be very icky about it. Last year I wouldn't have gotten permission because the whole point of the course was to be able to do it ourselves; didn't really got any good at unwrapping, it still is...
  17. Burned Ice

    Exhibition of my Steampunk Pictures

    Hey Chris! Nice work! I was wondering if you were willing to share your steampunk reference folder with me, My next photoshop exam (still one month away from now) is about designing a steampunk UI for a fictional game, so having the right reference would give me a major headstart. If you don't...
  18. Burned Ice

    This is probably a re-introduction

    I use 3DS max, as it is required for college. no textools, I do everything by hand, I'll show you the unwrapped boat, it's bad, like, I panicked (it was for an exam, don't worry, I passed ;) ) took a screenshot from my scene view in max, too lazy to render
  19. Burned Ice

    This is probably a re-introduction

    It's kinda stupid but I don't have any 3D courses this year :( but I still model sometimes, next schoolyear is going to be hardcore 3D for me. I haven't yet learned how to deal with organic models (apart from the ocasional low poly plant) Here a low poly scene I made half a year ago, I always...
  20. Burned Ice

    Any advice on to how to make this enameling look more like, enamel?

    Hej, det ser bra ut ;) Have you tried applying enamel texture? If you want that white reflection you could do it manually with a shape and a gradient, that gives you more freedom than a simpel bevel & emboss EDIT: here a preview of what I mean EDIT2: I know the gradient is a bit too big but...