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    Gaming Schedule Deisgn

    that seems fine, i mean the background and text font. and styling. but how will i organize task that given in my first image in first post. what is your idea on it.
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    Gaming Schedule Deisgn

    oops sorry, i didn't post the image i want to refurnish. first post updated
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    Gaming Schedule Deisgn

    i have this Gaming schedule. but i wanted to furnish it in photoshop in a way it looks much attractive and colorful. a new design required for it. as of now nothing is coming into my mind. please help me on it. it is simple daily routine gaming and normal activities schedule one gamer should...
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    Just started photoshop work

    hi, i am new to this community. i have started learning photoshop a month ago. i wanted to learn more and more. however, it requires time. so i needed advises and suggestion, i found this forum. of course, a community will help you. i hope people here kind and helpful Thanks Nafees