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    Universal script to prepare photos for internet

    Hello, I have created universal script that I could apply to bunch of photos in order to prepare for publication on Internet. What else I could add in order to improve this script? I found two options to automate script: File->Automate->Batch I'm getting following error in this script: The...
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    Picture cutting out strategy

    Since I don't need automation and action, it would be better to move this question to another place. I can't find how to move it. Should I delete this post and create new one in right place?
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    Picture cutting out strategy

    Hello, I found a lot of recipes regarding cutting out pictures, but I can't find basic principle of doing that. What kind of tools might be used? What are stages and strategies of doing that? Additionally I would like to ask how to cut out picture that is placed on white background on the...
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    Batch Automation Automate photo autocorrection

    Hello, I have heavy directory with many RAW photos. I would like to ask Photoshop automatically correct all photos. When I open RAW image, Photoshop opens it in Camera Raw. There I can do all necessary things to make photos look better. I just set white balance to Auto and just pres another...