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    Scrolling mouse wheel and change font size

    i reinstalled photoshop today. when i clicked in text size and scrolled mouse wheel the text size used to change simultaneously. but now i have to press enter to apply the font size change. how can i make it again like it used to be?
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    Pool Water Texture

    Hi, How can I make pool water texture like this in photoshop?
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    Specific Can someone convert this png to ai for me pls?

    Can someone convert this png to ai for me pls? thx very much.
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    Random dots

    i made these random dots on left using brush settings, but i dont want the dots overlap like the right one. how can i do that?
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    How can i do this effect?

    how can i do random shapes just like this?
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    Gradient 3D effect

    I made this 3d extrusion with a gradient shadow on the extrusion in a hard way. I created 24 layers and colored them all one by one. Please see my psd. This is actually what I want, it looks sweet but it takes too much time. Is there an easier way to do this exact same effect?
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    Clipping mask

    i have a layer with gradient overlay and i want to create a clipping mask another layer but when i do this the gradient overlay covers that layer. any way to solve this without rasterizing the layer with gradient overlay? or without using layer mask? u can see my psd
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    How to add a Gradient?

    I typed the word ZOTAC. I then duplicated it and moved it 1 px down and 1 px to the right 8 times to create the dark yellow shadow. I want the shadow in dark yellow to be gradient, like in the blue pic. how I do that?
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    What is the name of this font?

    do u know the name of this font?
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    How can i do this effect?

    how can i make this? any tutorials on youtube im not sure how to search it
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    Slices tool cant move pieces

    im using photoshop cc 19.1.5 i made slices but i cant drag those lines i just cant select them n move any ideas?
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    Brush settings

    i want to make random circles but i want no circle touch any other or come over others, how can i do this is brush settings?
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    Sketch filter

    wheres the sketch filter? i cant find it under filter menu
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    Im trying to take snapshot in photoshop with ctrl + alt + shift + e but its not working. any ideas?
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    Mouse over previews

    How can i turn off these previews when i mouse over a tool?
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    Screen effect on CMYK

    i made a lens flare effect on black layer and choose screen effect but it doesnt work well on CMYK file as it works great on RGB. any other ways to do this?
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    Wave for flag

    how can i give a flag shape like this?
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    Glittering Effect

    How can i make glittering effect like this?
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    Round corners

    I stroke a text but its corners are rounded how can i do it not rounded?