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    photoshop text

    what would be the best program for text , i have a photobook in work for my sons golf carreer , the last page will be a list of his tournament results for the year , i want to put gold silver or bronze stars next to his top three finishes , i want the book to be very clear text , problem with...
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    can you invert a mask in lightroom cc

    i know its a photoshop forum but i dont want to join another forum just yet although im starting to like the initial editing in lightroom , but i found that i cant invert a mask or at least i cant see a way to do it , if i want to adjust a large area id rather select a smaller area i dont want...
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    tips of proofing for a photobook

    hi all after cramming photoshop study over the last 2 years ive gone back into photography , purchasing a nikon d7100 , 55-300, 18-55,11-16 tokina and a 50mm 1.8 i can cover most shots im doing a 52 shot challenge to themes given on a nikon forum , im going one step further and doing these...
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    new style bird photography

    trying out a new style for my bird photography , liking the results seems i come from a painting backround c and c welcomed , any tips on textures would be appreciated these are my first ones
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    c and c , too much or good????

    been watching ben willmore tutorials , selective curve adjustments etc , wondering if ive gone to far or not?
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    photo with nikon d7100 and new tokina 11-16 c and c welcomed

    took this one yesterday , first shoot with the new lens ,
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    i think one of my best adjustment work so far

    after watching ben willmore tutorial all i can say is ps is now a new world , curves i knew they were handy but i agree with him probably one of the most powerful adjustment tools in ps when used selectively with masks,
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    restored computer , cc 2014 problem now

    hi all so i had a problem with adobe flash player crashing , i had updated to cc 2014 no problems and it was working fine , i thought id restore my computer to fix the flash problem which it didnt , i then found a fix for tools / options / general and deselect hardware acceleration which worked...
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    when i flatten image i lose my bevel edge on my frame?????

    i created an action for a frame , but when i flatten the image too save as tiff the bevels dissapear can anyone tell me why this is happening
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    photoshop signature brush

    i have a signature watermark i put on my favorite images currently i have it is saved as a psd so i open it then move it onto the image, i was trying too create a brush that done this but the writing is white so becomes transparent when i make a new brush and only the camera icon is...
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    photoshop frames and borders

    just wondering if anyone knows of a great plugin or action set for frame and border templates or creating your own frames
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    copy layers from one file to another , different size files?

    ok so i stuffed up i had an image i processed and it turned out nice , i resized it for posting on the web , then i forgot to resize back , i know i should of duplicated it first , then i was mucking around and my history was only set too 20 , anyway i cant go back too the original size so im...
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    happy bride

    fixed this one , was tricky the only other shot i could use too fill in was in pretty deep shadow so a lot of cloning , blending etc
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    pics from new d7100 c and c welcome

    been really flat out learning my new nikon d7100 , i used too be a canon man but ive got too say i love this camera c and c welcome , couple of pics of my 7 month old sun conure Teko
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    xmas in a basket

    c and c welcome being xmas i was asked by friends to do a xmas card with thier daughter , i started on the idea with the basket and backround and as they both worked i didnt get time until xmas eve too take a photo of their daughter , i had about five minutes of failing light , i had too use on...
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    in the cloud

    couldnt resist and ive upgraded to cc for only ten bucks a month , i have a newspaper app subscription that costs 6 bucks a month i hardly use , so out it goes and in reality it now is only costing me a dollar a week , cant get better then that lol really like the new features , the camera raw...
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    first one of a set of six i hope , c and c welcome

    havent been on much , been getting back into photography , got 6 pups running around the house at the moment , hoping too get a set of six shots , they are hard too get keepers as they are active but heres the first one
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    windows 8 im a convert now

    after buying a new laptop and using windows 8 for the last day i now love it i used it a month ago on a freinds and hated it , but having the touchpad set up too go straight too desktop with a three finger tap is great , also accessing the start page by finger slide from right edge is also...
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    portrait edit , remove a double chin and enhance _ did it work?

    a request too remove a double chin and enhance , i didnt take the photo , the shadow had too go for a start , i know the hairline is a little iffy but ill fix that up if i need too , at the moment it was more about the chin etc this was the third edit , the first one i just slightly thinned it...
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    which one should i buy

    i have a gift voucher for this store and im looking too buy a new laptop , photoshop is a huge part of what i use my computer for , i dont do any gaming on laptops would appreciate any thoughts there are only 12 available as its a gift card i am limited to these 12 at this stage...