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    Giving modern day photos a 1990s style / feel?

    Hi Ive got some images of some pals dressed up in 1990s clothing that I'd like to make a bit more authentic 1990s looking. Any thoughts on re-colouring, saturation etc etc? I'm not saying it needs to be as stylized as an Instagram type effect, but that kind of thing. Many thanks in advance.
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    Vector graphics or fully rescalable images with Photoshop (not loosing resolution)?

    Hi there I wouldnt exactly call myself a "Newbie" with Photoshop as I've been using it for years but I've been sent some PSD files (part of one is attached here) that I'd like to re-scale up to a very very large size to be printed on a pop-up banner without loosing the resolution. I'm obviously...
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    How can I bring back all of my open images onto the screen again in Photoshop?

    Hi there I'm sorry but I dont know the technical term for this otherwise I'd be able to search for the solution. As you will see from my attached image all of my open images are now sitting outside of the screen. To get them to appear on the screen again I have to hold down the PS logo at the...
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    How do I stop canvas's from snapping to the top of the screen when I move them around

    Hey all When I move a canvas around the screen, if I take it too near the top it will snap to the top of the screen and take up the whole page with just this one canvas. How do I stop it from doing this please? I guess its in options somewhere but as I dont know what its called I dont know what...
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    How can I crop outside an image once inserted onto another canvas in Photoshop?

    Hi So I have an image which I have moved onto another canvas I of course know how to transform an image, but how can I crop the image Ive just moved? So lets say I have a photo of a man that is too big for the new canvas. OK I can use transform to resize it (holding down shift to keep it the...
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    How can I create a thin striped background / layer in Photoshop?

    Hey All I'm looking to create a thin grey striped layer to use as a background in Photoshop like the image below. Anyone got a fast method of doing this? I need it cover an entire A4 sized page, so some way that allows me to do it easily in one go would be great. Many thanks
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    Lines appearing around image after using Free Transform in Photoshop - Help?

    Hi I've noticed this before and I'm still not sure what is going on exactly. As you will see from my image, when I use Free Transform in Photoshop CS5 black lines appear around the outside of my image. Any ideas whats going on here? I am using an image (of the people) with a black mask sitting...
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    When using refine edge in Photoshop CS5 some of my image goes semi transparent Help?

    Hi there I love refine edge in Photoshop CS5, but parts of my image go semi-transparent. Is there anyway I can fix this issue after Ive created my mask? Ive checked out some videos (about 6 mins 10 seconds in) PW124 - Photoshop CS5 Review - Refine Edge Tool - YouTube The guy seems to be...
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    I've lost the black border that surrounds an opened image in Photoshop - Help?

    I'm being really thick here and dont actually know the correct term for it, but I've lost the black line that used to be around the outside of opened images in Photoshop (CS5 to be exact) I've just mocked up an example. Any ideas how to "Turn it back on" again? Thanks!
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    How can I Feather to dark or black rather than feather to light in Photoshop?

    How can I Feather around an image to dark or black rather than feather to light? Or would it be called Inverse Feather? Any ideas? Or is this not possible?
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    How to cut an image from a white background and place on a black background in PS?

    Hi there I seem to be having problems when I lasso round a specific part of a photo taken with a white background and then try to add that part of the image to a plain #000000 black background. I always seem to get a white outline around the image when I place it on the black background, even...
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    Undo close of lasso loop in Photoshop - Is it possible?

    Hi there I know that while I'm working with an image if i hit the DELETE key it removes the last place point when using a lasso tool, but is it possible to undo the JOIN UP at the end of a lasso loop? If I press the DELETE key at this point it deletes whats inside the loop? The problem is that...
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    Is there a way to remove / change feather option AFTER closing lasso on Photoshop?

    Hi there Ive just spent 20 minutes polygonal lassoing round an image and after I'd closed the lasso shape I found I'd accidentally set feather on 34 rather than 1 (God knows how I did this). Is it possible to remove the feather option at this point, or better still change it to 1, or am I going...
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    How to add a shadow / darkness to a face in Photoshop - Help?

    Hi there I know this was done WAAAAAAY before the days of Photoshop and was done using actual lighting, but I'd like to be able to re-create a shadow over the one side of the face using photoshop. Can anyone advise advise the steps how to do it please? I already have my image looking exactly...
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    How can I warp only the lower part of text in Photoshop (image exmaple)

    Hi there I want to WARP/CURVE just the lower section of some text like the image provided. I dont want the top to move and want it to stay horizontal. I cant find an option using LAYER>TYPE>WARP TEXT Any ideas? thanks coffee_king
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    How can I make a 6 sided shape with no equal length sides?

    Hi there Can anyone advise how I can draw (from scratch) a 6 sided shape. I cant post an image on here (as I'm a newbie to this forum its going to be hard to explain without an image) But google Superman Logo and then rather than a point at the bottom imagine a flat extra line (so it then...