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    Specific In case anyone has a bit of free time

    This request is more to poke at an Old Navy buddy i served with in the 90's. He has decided not to shave or get a haircut until we get the all clear from this pandemic we are going through. I thought for fun i would have all his hair colored like the chia pet figures green color, not leafy...
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    Specific Another photo clean up request

    I have another surprise photo clean up request for a Navy buddy that i was stationed with back in the early eighties. This is of his mother and uncle. Thanks for the efforts you people put forth to help us
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    Specific Would appreciate any and all efforts to restore this picture

    This group has helped me in the past with a request and i appreciated it very much. Today I come to you with a picture that includes a friends mother and has obvious damage. He has no idea i am attempting a restore on this old pic and I'm sure it will bring a tear to his eyes. Thanks to...
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    Specific Would you be so kind

    Would you please if you have the time take neon afro from pic 1 and place it on the head of gentleman in pic 2. Thank you ahead of time for taking the time to do so.
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    Would appreciate restoration of this picture.

    Name can be left off. Thank you