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    Uncached refresh for all open windows

    Is there a way to record the "uncached refresh" action? When I double click the histogram, click the warning triangle, the refresh button, or select "uncached refresh" from the histogram menu, my actions don't seem to be able to record this. I'm hoping to be able to perform Uncached Refresh on...
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    Export histogram info

    Is it possible to export the histogram info into a spreadsheet, in the same way I can do with the measurement log? I need it to include the value for "Pixels:" Thanks, Andrew
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    Automatically detect and select a circle/circular area

    I'm looking for a way to batch process thousands of images. Is there a way for Photoshop to automatically detect the circular area I need select? The problem is that the images are different sizes and the circle is not going to be in the exact same spot every time. Also, as you will see in the...
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    How does photoshop measure area and count pixels?

    The area of a circle that is 100 W X 100 H should be 7853.98 (Pix50x50). However, when I record measurements for this circle, the area displayed in my measurement log gives me 5720. My measurement scale is set to 1 pixel = 1 pixel. Furthermore, in my histogram I get "Pixels: 5640." What is...
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    Analyzing images for scientific research

    I am a lab assistant at Norther Arizona University's Ecosystem Science research lab with the task of analyzing thousands of images in photoshop. The goal is to calculate the amount of living, green plant matter within a specific circular area. I am hoping for advice on how I can streamline...