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    Right Click to Navigate Layers

    sometimes you have lots of layers upon layers. if you hate scrolling up and down the "Layers palette" looking for a layer to work on or edit, right clicking on your image will reveal a lot. right click on your image when you have your "move tool" selected and you get a list of all layers...
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    If you want some more challenges or if you want to just look what other people did and how they did it site is ogranized and each person who contributed to the challenge gave a brief description of how they did it. It's a nice learning and...
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    Jpeg compression

    I read Erik mentioned about Boxtop ProJpeg plugin. It really does produce much smaller jpg files compared to photoshop given the same compression levels. nice plugin. There is a program called IrfanView. I've been using it for years. It's one of those "must have" programs. It's an image...
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    Maximize work area

    Here is another one I use almost evertime I work with PS. It works fine if you want to maximize your work area... hit TAB key and it hides all the palettes Shift+TAB hides all except the Tools Palette and if you have multiple images open, you can switch between them by pressing...
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    Open, Open As, New

    Did you know? if you double click on photoshop desktop (an empty area, not on toobars, on menus or an already open image), you get the Open dialog box... CTRL+double click --> New ALT+ double click --> Open As for Windows Machines... OZ