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    Help me choose color combinations for fixing my Grandpas old Truck.

    I just inherited my Grandpaws old 1978 Dodge Ramcharger and I'd like to see your take on color combos for either a paint job or wrap. I'd like the idea of leaving one of the colors and wrapping the other but I'm not opposed to changing the whole thing either. Looking for somewhat of a...
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    Help create a "Logo"

    My brother is part of the "Cajun Navy" Basically all of the locals in Louisiana who have any sort of boat that are out rescuing people from the floods. I want to create a logo so that I can eventually make decals for his boat maybe shirts hats etc. He's always liked the mercury black max logo...
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    Architecture photo fix (Help make the sky better 2.0) $30 by Friday

    Looking for someone to remake the photo below that was made in the free section here so that it is big enough to blow up to at least 36" x 24". I had a "guy with a camera" Come to my girlfriends apartment to take pictures of her view. She has to move out and is very sentimental about the place...
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    Help make the sky better

    Can someone help to make the sky less boring? and if possible use the wall and balcony in the second photo to add to the first? Its a gift for my girlfriend who is moving out of this condo and is very sentimental about it... Thanks in Advance!!