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    More Miniature Star Wars Work! Help!

    Hello, again! I've got more star wars stuff to improve on, and I'm trying to superimpose a tiefighter toy into a background. I just can't get it to look "real"--to sit correctly with the background. Here's my work so far: And here's my resources (all by me): Any ideas?
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    Help with some Star Wars Recreation?

    Thanks! How could I make that one solid color lay flat, and have some slightly transparent spots? Like, in the original photo from the movie, you can see light spots on the wings, etc. It just adds to the realism there. Also, the color is more matte. Any advice?
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    Help with some Star Wars Recreation?

    Great! Thanks for your help! It got me started, then after a while of messing around, ended up with this. Thoughts? Thanks man! It was great help!
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    Help with some Star Wars Recreation?

    Hello! I've got an image I'm trying to capture the effect of: I'm trying to make a toy Tie Fighter have that washed out, basic sillouette, but can't get it right. Here's my image: Any tips? I really want to get better so I can create some good toy-photography composites. Thanks! -Pierce
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    Hey! I'm Pierce. I'm trying to get into toy-photography as a hobby. Looking for some tips and ways to grow! Other than that, I'm a musician, philosophy-student and a writer. Nice to meet ya!