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    New web

    Considering a new web. SO, waddya think ? The links don`t go anywhere, yet, but the rollovers work. (if you have javascript enabled) Also, the header is just a filler for now, someday there will be rotating headers on load.
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    The Glass Challenge

    Ok. I sort of informally challenged y`all in another thread, but it didn`t get a lot of response, so I`m making it official. Show me your glass. Doesn`t matter glass what. Tools, furniture, people, animals, fruit, flowers, whatever, as long as it`s glass. Time to knock the dust off your image...
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    Feel challenged ?

    Ok, I know the challenge spirit has been , well, not exactly dead, but not feeling well. So, here`s the challenge: Take an axiom, phrase, or favorite saying and make it visual. No excuses. Stop floggin the log, surfin the blogs and knock the dust off your image editor. I`ve posted this...
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    Anybody up for a Challenge ?

    First I`d like to say it`s nice to be back after a long hiatus. Kudos and many thanks to Gaussian for stepping up and saving this Institution. The PS world would be worse off without it. Of course many thanks to TheFounder for all that...founding and stuff.? :D Ok. The Challenge is this : Chop...
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    Fresh Meat

    Hello all. I`m new here. I`ve been following Mark`s work for quite some time, so I thought I`d pop in and say Hi. So...uummm..Hi. Nice place ya got here. :righton: