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    Getting multiple images into one document.

    What's the easiest way to keep all the images in line or the same sizes with equal gaps?? I also want to do the same thing with different sized images which make up a clean rectangular outer edge (if that makes sense). I thought there might be templates to do this sort of thing? It jut seems...
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    Getting multiple images into one document.

    Hi all, Let me introduce myself, my name's Adam and I'm getting into studio photography and looking to do something more interesting with my images. I'm looking to produce multiple images on a single print for my customers and as I'm fairly new to photoshop I'm not sure how to do it. I'm...
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    Back piece tattoo shoot

    Amazing tattoo, I really like that!
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    Nature Photos

    Great pictures!
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    New user

    Hi guys, New to the forums, my names Adam and I'm using CS5 for photography manipulation and effects. Looking forwards to learning more!