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    how to provide lighting effect to a subject

    there was a beautiful tut from iamsam and it wasnt completed in any case i really like the effect and want to learn it since that effect can be used in wide range of pics i am going to attempt it on this pic so here is a shot of the car but there is a couple of differences between this pic...
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    Critique: Dull afternoon to sunset photo

    i took this pic in the afternoon it was very bland i had an idea for a nice orange sunset look this is my attempt ur comments and advice to improve this pic
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    how to achieve this sharp effect

    i am mainly into taking pics of cars and want to learn to enhance the final images this is one of the effects that i really like. its mostly for night pics the pic looks extremely sharp almost like its painted or a cartoon i have some night pics i have shot recently and i would like to...
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    how to create a hellish background

    how to create a hellish theme its been a while but im back my friend did a photoshoot and ended with this picand i wanna give it a hellish theme. scary ash clouds , some volcanos spitting lava, road kinda on fire maybe throw in some evil birds so far ive started with this gurus your...
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    critisicm: day into night pic

    this is something i am working on this was a day pic and i converted it into night with some rain and fog please provide me ur inputs and help im not happy with the car reflection having some problem with flares in general anything more to make it more realistic here is the original
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    trying to put a car in a colorful scene

    ok guys and gurus im starting off with a new project thanks to all who helped me with my last work im on to a few one. this one should be more complicated because of the vivid colors and shading on the car but here goes this is what im trying to achieve here is my BG help my gurus edit: i...
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    trying to put a car on a mountain road

    first off i wanna give a big thanks to iamsam , cretole and other photoshopgurus who helped me with my older project. i had to abandon it cause it was a lost cause. however i hope that i will be able to take this project and get the finish im hoping for so this is my image and this is the...
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    hey all

    hey all newbie here from india im not so new to photoshop though been seeing a lot of youtube videos and replicating the photoshops trying learning the techniques. i think ive gotten the basics ok but i wanna move to the intermediate level im more into modding pics of cars in fact ive also...
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    how to blend a daytime and nightime pic

    i did a photoshoot of a car at dusk time at a very boring location i have background of nice city landscape at night how do i blend in the car in the nighttime landscape so it looks real how do i remove the reflections from the car especially the areas where the sun is hitting the body i...