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    Specific This image needs a tune up

    Picture is a little bit grainy, the focus in a little soft, the colors are a little muted and the shadows are a little too prominent. Please use whatever means you see fit to clean this up and make it look as nice as possible for printing. Please bring the eyes out a little bit! Please post...
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    Specific Easy One- Topaz Gigapixel assist

    Should be a relatively simple one, would someone with Topaz Gigapixel please run these two images through it at 2x and post the results in full res? Thinking of purchasing the app, would like to see how the results pan out on these
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    Specific Need polishing on this image a bit

    Would like to see what you guys can do with this image. Really just looking to polish it a bit, fix the exposure, color tweaks, maybe bring out a little more detail in the woman (without going overboard on the AI). It is ultimately intended to be printed so please repost your adjustments in...
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    Specific Remove the background

    Can someone edit out the background and logos in the background without substituting a new CG background. IE It needs to look as natural as possible. Please repost in the original dimensions and resolution. Thanks as always!!
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    Specific Background adjustment if possible...

    Kind of an odd request here, but can anyone make the brick background look like traditional unpainted natural brick with white grout between? If so please share your process and repost image in original resolution. Thanks very much!!
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    Specific fix needed for pixelation in background

    This should be a relatively simple fix but somehow I'm struggling with it. There's pixelation in the gray gradient background I'm trying to even out while maintaining the general texture, IE I don't want the correction to make the background look artificial. I've tried degrees of gaussian blur...
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    Specific Need edit cleaning up a movie still from DVD

    I've attached two stills, I'd like to see if it's possible to make #2 look as good (or better) as #1. Both were super grainy to begin with, I was able to improve #1 but I forgot how I did it. Also if you're able to improve on #1 please do. No need to resize unless it helps your process. As...
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    Specific Face swap

    Would like to take the face/head from picture 1 and use it in place of the face/head in picture 2, a little tricky because of the angle change and the exposure of the skin and curtains is not the same. Please repost in original resolution, 11x17 300 thanks.
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    Specific background edit request

    looking to have the background text and logos removed so it's only the blue. i've made an effort but have not been able to keep the different tones consistent. also would like the earrings removed if it's not big an ask. please repost in same resolution as original. thanks very much for your...
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    Specific color correction request

    i need help adjusting the color of the attached jpeg file -bottom. attached png file- top - is for reference but the color in this one is not perfect either. doesn't have to match it exactly. any help is very much appreciated. if possible please repost the file in full resolution and size.
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    Text removal request

    Hoping someone is willing and able to remove all text and barcode from the attached image and to repost at original resolution. Thanks very much!
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    Text removal request

    Asking for help removing the text from this without distorting the image. Thanks Very Much!