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    Retouch Cologne

    No I am not advertising anything. I just randomly decided to tinker around with the image, and I thought my result was pretty nice so.
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    Retouch Cologne

    It's a brand new fragrance that was just introduced and I decided to find some stock images of it, and I used photoshop. Thats about it.
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    Retouch Cologne
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    Before and after (The Ready Set)

    Glad you like it! I used some curves adjustment layers, plus photo filters, and for the stars I applied a texture. Took about ten minutes max. Funny thing is, I was screwing around and wasn't even trying to make anything. This version is slightly bigger.. MatrixGravity on deviantART
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    Before and after (The Ready Set)
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    How can I achieve this?

    It didn't seem to work for me. The dodge kept creating a white color. I even changed the foreground to red like in your picture, but instead it didnt do anything except brighten the spots on the image.
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    Robert Pattinson (Before & After) I was messing around with some filters and this was my result.
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    How can I achieve this?

    Thanks friend. Try this instead.
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    How can I achieve this? How can I make an orange burn effect like that in this image? What is this method called, and how can it be achieved?
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    First attempt

    Impressive :)!!
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    Hey guys :)

    Looks like it has a slight blue gradient overlayed onto the shot.
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    Hello from MT

    Hello :)!! Hope you have a nice stay haha.