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    Paid Remove background people/benches $10

    Hello! I'd like to remove the background people and their umbrella areas, replacing them with some extension of grass, trees, white fence. I don't mind the umbrella bits on either side (though you can remove them too if you want), just the mass of people in the center. Oh, and could you remove...
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    Paid Remove tiny bodies & heads from panoramic shot $10

    Hi everyone - Have a request that should be fairly straightforward for you Photoshop pros! I'd just like to remove some of the little heads/bodies from this panoramic shot...sure, I could crop them, but then I'd make the photo too narrow. In some cases, it just means extending the trees...
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    Paid Remove an item from two photos

    Hi there! Not sure how easy or difficult this is, but I'd love to remove the ladder from this photo: (if you can remove the machines on the balcony, I'll add another $5, for $35 total). And the machine-thing from this one: as best as possible. If you only do one of them, I'll give you...
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    Specific Remove smudge

    Hi there! Could someone remove the little smudge to the left of the lower part of the hand? Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!
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    Paid Looking for text/style options for book's title page logo

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a personal book of letters I'm giving as a gift. Someone here helped with the logo of the two foxes, the issue I'm having now is how to make the title and subtitle work with the logo; meaning, what shape and style it all takes together with the words. This is my...
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    Paid Super-quick color change

    Hallo, I'd normally just post this one in the "free" section, but I like to make my requests worth people's while if money permits. For $5, could someone kindly reverse the yellow and the white? Meaning, the background would be white and the circle around the lighthouse yellow. Easy peasy...
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    Paid Quick tweak to 2 versions of a logo

    Hallo! I had a great experience working with a guru here yesterday, who seems to be quite busy Mon-Fri, so I figured I'd post this openly. It's shorter and simpler than yesterday's. Basically, I need to mix this lighthouse: With this bottle: (2nd column, 2nd from top-down) Into this...
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    Paid Make color and shape changes to 3 logos

    Hello! I'm working on a meaningful personal project. My wife and I had a 7-year correspondence long ago, when we first met, and I've edited our letters down into a 400-page book I'll have bound for her birthday. Now I just need three logos for it (one for the slipcase, one for the cover, and...