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    Wrinkles in sky

    Hi folks......I've got a pic with a sky that looks like about 6 pieces and overlapped a bit. They're all the same blue and they don't show up on my computer screen.......just prints from a kiosk. It's hard to describe but I'm sure that there's a name for it and it has probably been discussed...
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    Please define "neautral color"

    Can someone please define what is meant by the term "neutral color"? I would guess that it is any shade between and including black & white on the grey scale? Question 2..........can the middle eyedropper in CURVES be used on any "neutral color"? Thanks in advance, RC [doh]
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    Image flattening problems

    Hi again folks, New problem here......I cannot change my psd image to a tif, flatten or merge layers without losing some of the adjustment layer effects. I?m using PS6. Is there any way around this? RC
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    Image size reduction question

    Hi folks, Is there a ?best way? to reduce the image size from a digital camera to something acceptable for posting on the web without destroying the image quality? My camera gives me pics that are 1200 x 1600 pixels at 72 ppi. What?s the best way to get it down to the 300 or 400 range? All my...
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    OverSharp Mask

    [doh] .........Hi Folks....... [doh] After years of over sharpening my photo scans I?m finally going to ask if someone can help me. What is the best way to overcome the temptation to sharpen too much? Sometimes it looks fine on my screen but the print has ?..........?. It seems that I can?t...
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    2 Monitor Calibration Questions

    Hi folks, I've got an older iMac G3 OS 9 and am trying to use the calibration tools that came with the computer. When it asks to select a "white point" am I to know what to use? [doh] Also, does anyone have any recommendations as to monitor calibration hardware/software packages...
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    JPEG woes

    Hi all, Sometimes I can't compress a 1.5M file down to under 300K or so when I would like to get it down to around 50K for email Most times I can. Just certain photos won't......what's the deal? [doh] .....RC
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    Printing Blues (aarrrggghh!)

    :{ [upset] Howdy all, I hate this subject but it?s time to ask. After about 2 years of messing with monitor calibration and color management settings I?ve succeeded in getting prints that look exactly like what i see on the monitor in every respect except the blues. The brightness, contrast...
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    CS Upgrade from 6.0.1?

    Hi all, Can someone tell me if I can upgrade to CS from version 6.0.1? Thanks...RC [doh]
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    Warming effect?

    Hi all, I don?t know if this is legal or not but here is an example of a super warming effect (sort of a golden hue) that I?ve been seeing a lot of in magazine advertisements. Can someone tell me how to achieve this effect? A filter maybe? RC [confused]
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    Photoshop CS?

    [doh] Photoshop CS?.... Hi all, I've been away from the box for awhile and I come back and see all kinds of talk about Photoshop CS [stuned] Can someone please clue me in? ;\ RC
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    Saved Ghost Town

    :) Here?s a pic from a severely underexposed negative that I was able to save (I think) by using the CURVES command. It?s kind of eerie but I like it that way. Thank you Babble Grabble for the link to the CURVES toot! [excited] .....RC
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    White Point?

    [doh] In an attempt to calibrate my iMac monitor I was confronted with the option to select the white point that "I want".....What the....??!!! [confused] How am I supposed to know? Can anyone help? Here's a pic of the confusing culprit........RC
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    16 bit per channel question

    Well, I'm back to the "box" now after a long summer outdoors. :D Anyway, my scanner gives me a 16 bit option. My question is, if I scan into PS at 16 bits per channel and then change the image mode to 8 bits so I can have more editing options am I defeating myself? I mean, is the 16 bit depth...
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    Memory assignment question

    Lately I've been creating bigger files and have been getting "not enough RAM" messages so...........I ordered some more RAM but haven't got it yet. Somewhere I think I saw a formula or a percentage figure as a guide to how much RAM to assign to Photoshop.....or did I just dream that? Help...