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    Old member!!! (since 2003!!!)

    I almost forgot about this site...i'm relearning photoshop on CS6 and wondered if my login would still work here, haven't logged in since 2005! Wowzer. I remember how freaking helpful this site was back then (learning photoshop 7) , I learned so much from here. I've been focusing on photography...
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    Illustrator Feedback please!

    I'm doing a poster for a local club, if you have time, here it is...tell me if / where i've gone wrong. Thanks for your time everyone!<br>
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    Neat and easy way to selectively turn things black or white

    Heres a neat way to use a channel mixer adjustment layer to turn things that are mainly one color black or white. 1. Open your image 2. Create a new channel mixer adjustment layer and check the monchrome check box 3. Set its blend mode to darken(black) or lighten(white) 4. Experiment with...
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    Photoshop filters are a sign of the Devil for a good laugh :} :}
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    Observation on The Clone Stamp

    Okay, so a faulty assumption i've always had with the clone stamp is that, when "use all layers" is checked is that it clones only pixels from layers WITH PIXELS(as opposed to adj. layers which are non-pixel layers). But it also clones also whatever ADJUSTMENT LAYERS do to the pixels. Example: I...
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    Observation on Quick Masks

    Did you know that when in Quick Mask mode when saving,when you re-open your file, it will still be in Quick Mask mode, retaining the selection? This gives you one extra temporary channel which you may use, and is a fine alternative for those selections you don't need to set to alpha channels....
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    Ok, heres a WIERD one

    Ok, heres a strange behavior: I re-installed PS7, and in the filter menus there are TWO Gaussian Blur choices and TWO Unsharp Mask choices. One leads to a menu that looks like a PS4 dialog, with arrow sliders and no preview, and one is the normal one im accompanied to. This is VERY odd to me. }P...
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    The topic or post you requested does not exist

    Whats this all about? Just movin stuff around, Mark??
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    No post numbers anymore!

    No post #s anymore! The post number isnt showing up under the avatars and the reply screen is upside down!
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    What is this font called??

    Hey, i've seen this font in a couple different places, and am really anxious to use it. Im curious to know what it is...thanks....
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    I just made some hi-res scans and then when I tried to open the files I got this warning. Didn't do anything wierd when saving it. Just file--save as and then i chose jpeg with high quality. vexed. [innocent]
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    Points and Control Handles

    Ok, 3 questions: 1. With the pen tool/selection tools, if i've made a point and it has no control handles, how do i make it so that it has control handles? 2. If a point has 2 control handles, how do I delete one of them? 3. When im working on a path how do I make it so that PS doesn't...
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    Create a contour map

    To easily create a contour map from a photo, go to filter-->cutout. Set Edge Simplicity to 0 and number of levels to 8. Then go to filter-->find edges. There it is. You might want to desaturate it and/or add a hue/saturation adjustment layer depending on the effect you are going for. Just...
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    A Guide To Stitching Photos

    Ok, so you have 2 or more pictures you want to turn into one(as in Fig. 1). Ideally, each image in the panorama should have a decent-sized vertical swath where the two intersect. The more the better. 1. Open them both. 2. File?>New Canvas. This should be the sum of the width of all of the...
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    I sharpen edges, not grain!!!

    Hey, do you ever get frustrated with the THRESHOLD setting in the unsharp mask filter? I do. Its supposed to get rid of grain but what it really does is enhance the worst grain that more often than not has the same difference of brightness values as your edges [doh]. Heres your answer: an Edge...
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    Calculations/Advanced Channel and Mask Combining

    OK, I got this technique from The Photoshop Bible. First off, i'm assuming you know what masks and channels are. Here we go. Lets say that you have two channels/masks that intersect each other at some point, as in fig. 1(a photo is not the best example, as I had to guess where the shapes, were...
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    Align Buttons?

    How do these align tools ever come in handy? I've never run into an instance where I had to use them. I know they're pretty handy in Illustrator but how in Photoshop? And also, most of the time, they are deactivated. I know they appear when you have the move tool active and the right group...
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    Selective Color Anyone???

    What is anyone's opinion on selective color? I love it, and find it very useful, but i've found in the books that I read that a lot of authors either like it(Dan Margulis, Photoshop Color Correction), or find it useless(Deke McCleland, The Photoshop Bible), but no strong feelings about it...
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    Thinking outside the canvas?

    Is there any way to make it so that layers outside the canvas are visible? Like on Flash MX if you have a layer that is outside your stage, then you can still see them. Any help on this would be nice. Thanks!
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    Rounded/Sharp Stroke

    Is there any way to make it when you stroke text to make it so the the edges are sharp instead of the default where it rounds the edges or is this an excercise that must be done manually as in the demo below(with the poly lasso, ctrl shift I, then backspace)? :{ :\