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  1. Samibotss

    [Rate/Showoff] World Of Warcraft Private Server Launcher

    Hello PSG members, Here is a World Of Warcraft Private Server Launcher that I used to display on my previous emulation forum. What do you think? How can I improve it?
  2. Samibotss

    What are These Effects/Layer Styles?

    So , The other day I was Browsing and I found a Nice collection of web-designs done by a guy named dustin deperlio. Two of Them caught my attention because of some layer styles and effects The First one is : The "Crusade Gaming" Text. Do you know what layer styles/effect he used? The...
  3. Samibotss

    Hello From Europe

    Hello PSG members, I used to be in a emulation forum for world of warcraft.after being told that,in order to re-fine andl earn more about gfx I most certainly needed to be in a bigger forum,I joined PSG. I hope you enjoy talking to me :) cheers