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  1. crzykate58

    Christmas Card

    Heya! ^_^ My church asked me to put together a xmas card for our pastor and his family, specifically they wanted his face on some sort of snowboarder haha! so i tried my best to make his head match the bodies... buuuuut idk haha, they might still look a little forced. anywho, the one with all...
  2. crzykate58

    Do. Love. Walk. Tshirt Design

    Hey guys! Wow it's been a while since i've been on here haha! well i've been practicing some typography on tshirts and found this design on google that i thought was pretty sweet, so i tried to replicate it, give or take a few things away since i needed mine to be more legible than the one i...
  3. crzykate58

    Christmas Eve Graphic

    Hey guys! I had to come up with a Christmas Eve design for work, ^_^ lemme know what you think!
  4. crzykate58


    This was a bulletin cover going out this week ^_^ again, another stab at trying to do typography. i think it's still a little hard to read tbh...
  5. crzykate58

    Kingdom Investment

    Heya! Man it's been forever since i've popped in here ^_^ i made this bulletin insert recently for my church and i really liked the design. I saw something similar on the interwebz, but i made a few changes to make it my own :D admittedly i'm new at the whole "funky type" thing... but you gotta...
  6. crzykate58

    Father's Day

    Ola! ^_^ What do you guys think about this for a Father's Day graphic?! i know it's kinda old fashioned haha, but it needed to span multiple ages (early 20's to late 60's or so) :cheesygrin:
  7. crzykate58

    Challenge 10: The Addition of Fractals & Bits n' Bobs

    Hey guys! Oh man, i'm totally psyched to see what you all are going to come up with!! Okies, SO... i was looking through the interwebz and came across some things that sparked my interest for this challenge... The main goal of this challenge is going to be incorporating 1.) fractals &/or dust...
  8. crzykate58

    Wedding program

    Hey guys ^_^ so I was asked to do a program for a wedding (my first time eveeeeerrrr) and I was so nervous, you know... What with it being someone's big special day and all lol anyways, it's supposed to be a half fold so I only have the cover and the first left inside page done, but thought I'd...
  9. crzykate58

    Redeeming Love

    ok, so i'm going to art geek out here for a second hahaha my work has this couples retreat coming up, and this is the design i made for them. It hasn't been approved yet, but even if it doesn't get through, i have to say... the artsy abstract part of me loves this hahahaha sorry for the awkward...
  10. crzykate58

    Meat Drive

    Oh, i also made this recently as well lol just something kinda funny for a meat drive ^_^ let me know what you guys think! hopefully this doesn't offend anyone lol! i'd post the back to this, but it has info on it and idk if that violates the guru rules or not... anywho ^_^
  11. crzykate58

    Isaiah web ad

    Heya! I know it's been forever and a day since i posted anything on here, but i've been crazy swamped :( anyways, this is a recent thing i did for my church ^_^ hope you guys like it!
  12. crzykate58

    Floating Head

    Hola! :cheesygrin: i know the title isn't original, but had a lot of fun making this floating face! (side note, i updated the image from the original i posted on here because i kept looking at it, and i felt like it looked like the face was balding... idk, just seemed weird, so i added more...
  13. crzykate58

    Future Hope

    Heya! ^_^ haven't been on for a while (sorry!!) work has been crazy busy, BUT i got some free time to try out this effect! let me know what you guys think! <3
  14. crzykate58

    i found this little guy...

    i found this little champion of breakfasts, (he's clearly been eating his eggs in the morning) and wanted to do something fun with him ^_^ i made him into a CD label for a topic being taught at my work. let me know what you guys think! Before: After:
  15. crzykate58

    Blue BG

    Okies, so i know this isn't super epic haha, but i thought i'd just play at trying to match people's skin tones with their surroundings.. idk if i really accomplished that, but all the same, i like how it came out. Any idea to improve are always welcome ^_^ Before: After:
  16. crzykate58

    Las Vegas Before and After

    Hola! Wanted to get anyones input on this before and after photo thing i did :cheesygrin: let me know what ya'll think! Any feedback is always greatly appreciated! Before After
  17. crzykate58

    Texture and Swirl Manipulation

    sorry, she was so much fun to take photos of hahaha! This one i was playing with making swirls and lighting effects... with some random texture. anyways, let me know what you think :D Feedback for any improvements is always super welcome!
  18. crzykate58

    Umbrella Fun

    Hey guys! Just wanted to get your feedback on this piece ^_^ i was having some fun with a few photos i took! Let me know if you guys think anything needs to be adjusted or if it's just weird altogether haha! (attached is a before and after) Before After
  19. crzykate58

    TShirt Design

    what do you guys think about this for a tshirt design too? ^_^ it's ok if ya'll don't like haha! i'm new at this so, i know i need a lot of growth hahahaha! Tshirts are for sure NOT my forte lol!
  20. crzykate58

    Underwater Ticket Design

    Hey guys! This is my first post ^_^ but i just wanted to get your feedback on what you think about this ticket i made! Please ignore the info on there, it's just a filler for what it would look like with a title, web info, location, time and all that jazz. Thanks everyone!! <3