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  1. chitkaran

    My Latest Project for Web Site redesigning - check it out

    Hey ya guys, I have been out of PSG for quite some time now. Was just a bit occupied in family matters and office work.. Here's something that I finished recently. A web-site redesigning for 1. Complete makeover for the website. 2. Search Engine friendly content. 3. Logo...
  2. chitkaran

    Restoration of a 1959 family photo

    Hey Guys, I have been busy in office work for along and haven't done any PhotoShopping since months. I digged deep in the old family photos and found this pic taken back in 1959. It was in a bad state.. thats where our digital editing comes.. right.. Lolz.. Before And here's how it looks...
  3. chitkaran

    A few wallpaper shots from my recent trip.

    Sharing a few shots worthy of being a wallpaper (I think so) ...Location: Naleti Village (Himachal Pradesh, INDIA)Camera Used: Canon 60DMonth: February 2014Comments/Suggessions/Critics ... All Welcome..
  4. chitkaran

    Lighting Techniques - My first atrempt..

    Hey ya all... here's my first attempt on custom lighting is Ps. Stocks used Please post your Comments / Suggesions / Critics......
  5. chitkaran

    3D Using 3D option for first time in CS5 extended

    Here's what I made on my first ever Manip using the 3D option of my CS5 extended.. I had clicked this image last year on a visit to Delhi zoo.. What do you think about this ?
  6. chitkaran

    A Visit to AGRA, India

    Hi Guys, I recently came back from a short trip to Agra (India). The city is famous for one of the 7 wonders of the world "Taj Mahal" .. here are some pics I took. I have reduced the quality a bit to make them a little small in size so I can email them to friends without...
  7. chitkaran

    Remote Controlled Passenger Aircrafts

    Hi All, I was wondering what do you think about Air Traffic being fully automated. The Passenger Airplanes can be automated to take passengers from Point A to Point B without any hassles of Pilot of co-Pilot. This would require some super complex computer programs and some state-of-the-art...
  8. chitkaran

    Rihanna Black and White restoration

    Here's what I did today while sitting idle in office.
  9. chitkaran

    Challenge 7 - " Parental Love and affection "

    For all those who voted for me in the Challenge 6 and for the ones who liked my work A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU. I now have the privilege to host this challenge. Challenge 7 - "Parental Love and affection" Deadline 21st January 2013 2012 Was full of explosions, Zombies, Bio...
  10. chitkaran

    Black and White photo restoration

    Comments/Suggestions always welcome
  11. chitkaran

    Old Bodybuilder coloration

    My latest one in bringing old b/w pics back to the Technicolor world Comments/Suggestions always welcome..
  12. chitkaran

    OOB Image * P2 *

    Hi Guys, taking into consideration all the comments and suggestions from you guys, I went for another one. Hope I am getting better comments, suggestions, edits // all welcome
  13. chitkaran

    Need help in OOB

    Hey Guys, I have seen the OOB contest and the edits were outstanding. Very nice job done by all u Guys. I have never done a OOB but wanted to have my hand. The following is what I have started so far. PSD is attached too. How to proceed from here :question:
  14. chitkaran

    3D Need Help with 3D text

    Hey Guys, I downloaded CS5 extented yesterday and was playing around with the 3D tab. I made this text with random placement. I need help in adding a metallic texture to it. I want to make letters look like metal blocks kept together (brushed metal if possible) How can I proceed with it. //...
  15. chitkaran

    Virtual Tuning of Santro Xing

    Here's something I had been working on the past weekend. What do you guys think ??
  16. chitkaran

    Making my Supervisor a little Happy

    Had a quarrel with my Supervisr this morning.. and here's something I made to cheer him up.. thats him in the picture ... comments/suggesions.. ?
  17. chitkaran

    Sitting Idle in Office..

    Here's the result of NOTHING TO DO AT OFFICE phenomenon.
  18. chitkaran

    Chevy Tavera on File

    Hi, A Chevrolet Tavera cought fire outside our office today. Clicked the pic using phone camera and did some editing within phone only. Comments and suggessions appreciated.
  19. chitkaran

    Painting a Scooter (Lambretta 150)

    Okay, here I am with another job. I was contacted by a relative who runs a restoration business. He wanted to restore a Lambretta 150 but wanted to give it a 2-tone paint job. Here's what I have done so far.. I am open to suggestion/comments/critics/appreciations...
  20. chitkaran

    A T-Shirt Design

    One of my Dad's clients wanted a body Builder styled T-Shirt done.... What do you say ???