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  1. Klarth

    Some pictures taken by me

    Strange, I am seeing the images here.
  2. Klarth

    Some pictures taken by me

    Oh yes, I see it now. I will adjust the topic, thanks =D
  3. Klarth


    Thanks =D I use this resolution to most of my signs, except when I'm making it to someone and the person says something different to I do. ^^
  4. Klarth


    I made it a while ago. Thoughts?
  5. Klarth

    Poll Smoke or not to smoke

    Never smoke and never will... My eyesight isn't perfect, but it's good. And I hate when people smoke in public spaces (even having a law here that forbid it), if I don't want to smoke, I don't need to take a taste from another person.
  6. Klarth

    YouTube Inspiration

    Ow, pretty nice. I just guess that the green glow in the planet could be a little smaller and the area on the right could be more detalhed (it appears pixelized). And there's a line lost in the image (on the right of the planet), hehe. Great work :3
  7. Klarth

    Some pictures taken by me

    Hi. I just take pictures as a hobby, then I take these images with plants and such things from my house (and the last one from a harbor in a travel). Camera used: Sony 16Mpx (don't remember the series) Fell free to use the images :3
  8. Klarth

    What Is Your Favorite Bands?

    There are some interesting bands in Brazil, but my favourite is Skank (you should learn it). From internacional songs, I like a lot of bands, but nowadays I'm listening a lot to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Dire Straits and Foo Fighters. Other bands that I like include Slipknot, Metallica, Green Day...
  9. Klarth

    Hi from Brazil :3

    Hi, people. My name is Bruno and I live in Brazil, so don't mind with my horrible english. I have a vast experience with Photoshop, there are almost 2 years that I've been working with it (by the way, I beacme off with my works for 5 months because of my computer), and I was an administrator of...