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  1. fredfish

    Hi, the name is Ray and need help on this "save for web" please....

    So another Apple “undocumented feature” then 😏 Great tip - thanks. Cheers John
  2. fredfish

    Program error - older vs. newer PSDs?

    I am able to open the file in CC2018 On a hunch I have re-saved the file having converted the fonts to Ariel. See if the file now opens. I did this because Photoshop is wanting to make some font substitutions to your file. If my attached version of your file opens - it may be because of the...
  3. fredfish

    Specific Remove a "hbd 💕"

    Great job @ZeroCool22 Cheers John
  4. fredfish

    Specific First photo

    Really nice "Studio" shot Chris Cheers John
  5. fredfish

    how to animate?

    I think the OP want the parts I have marked in red scrolled left and right respectively so it looks like they are emerging from the word in the middle. Cheers John
  6. fredfish

    how to animate?

    Have a quick look here - Tweening I am not saying it is the best tutorial but the info is there. I am about to retire - but if it doesn't make any sense to you I will sort out a tutorial for you tomorrow. Cheers John
  7. fredfish

    Change res

    Is this what you are after? Cheers John
  8. fredfish

    Change res

    Not totally sure this is what you are after. But this is at the dimensions requested. Cheers John
  9. fredfish

    how to animate?

    It is certainly possible directly in Photoshop using "Tweening". Can I ask what version of Photoshop you are using? Cheers John
  10. fredfish

    Raster To Vector

    I really like this - is there any chance you could explain your workflow so that other users could benefit from your work? Cheers John
  11. fredfish

    Specific Need to increase image's quality

    Is this any better? I just used a "tineye " reverse image search to get a better resoloution. Look at Tin Eye / Cheers John
  12. fredfish

    Specific Background edit

    More than happy to jump in and help - but can you give some indication and to what you want the edit to be. I realise you said as "on Flight" am I to assume you want to be on a plane? Cheers John
  13. fredfish

    Specific Dog on an Angel

    I have noticed! Just as an aside I know your dog is Pip - coincidentally one of our cats is called Pip! When we got him he would open his mouth to meow but because he was so young all he could do was squeak - so to begin with we called him pipsqueak which is now shortened to Pip. Cheers John
  14. fredfish

    Specific Dog on an Angel

    That is lovely Crystal! Cheers John
  15. fredfish

    Resolve problems with Auto-Recover files

    Today I had a problem. Because of a pesky Windows update my system restarted with Photoshop open and some files open in Photoshop. Because of this next time I tried to open Photoshop it tried to recover the files that had been open - I waited for 20 minutes but Photoshop was still trying to...
  16. fredfish

    Issue with Creative Cloud for Teams

    Have any of the other members of your team got problems? I am sure you know how it works but just in case - each "Team Member" must be named by the Team organiser (not sure that is the correct name - but the person that set up the team). Then each team member gets 2 installs "per seat". By that...
  17. fredfish

    Hi I Am Cherrie And Nice To Meet You All

    You are clearly the ninja name finder! :)
  18. fredfish

    Specific Photoshop Map of Earth as if it's been Folded like Corrugated Iron

    Perhaps it would be useful to say in what way it doesn't suit so that people can work on it. Cheers John
  19. fredfish

    Editing PSD logos from the net

    I do get what you are saying - to a degree. It would be great if the text on these logos was editable - but they are mostly fonts that dont ship with Photoshop so the .psd file would have to ship with the font files as well (and I suspect some of them are paid fonts). In the example you...
  20. fredfish

    Specific Make background white (but maintain shadows)

    No Problem - and you are absolutely right. I was mainly checking to see if this was the sort of thing before carrying on - You had said "completely" white and I wanted to check. Cheers John