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  1. theKeeper

    How to create a rough surface like climbing holds

    That's excellent colleague. That's going old school on this project. Nice. Do you have any suggestions as to how he might attempt that text effect?
  2. theKeeper

    Correct Proportions and Prespective in a simple composite photo?

    Yeah, i agree with Sam. Lighting will be the biggest hurdle here. Also... you'll need to remove that small drop shadow on her. It doesn't work, and it doesn't match the room lighting anyway. As for her scale... if it were me, i'd turn her horizontal and put her on the bed so you could get a...
  3. theKeeper

    Merry Christmas PSG Members One and All.

    Merry Ho-Ho Everyone!
  4. theKeeper

    Bug in Photoshop CC2015.1

    Hey cool thx for the update guys. Looks like they addressed a lot of things. l8r
  5. theKeeper

    Photoshop request!

    You're most welcome.
  6. theKeeper

    Photoshop request!

    Sorry this took so long to get to. Everyone here is rediculously sick. Anywho... i hope this effort is suitable for you Erienne. It was actually a fair bit of work, but i loved the challenge. You'll see the details better in the full sized version. This is your original hi res copy. So just...
  7. theKeeper

    Is there a way of adjusting the traction of the cursor on the layer?

    I'm not sure exactly what it is you're doing. Are these 'papers' active or live? Or are they PDFs or static images? If the text is 'active' or 'live', then hold they Shift key while tapping the left/right arrow keys will select a single letter. Holding down Ctrl+Shift while tapping the...
  8. theKeeper

    Bug in Photoshop CC2015.1

    Yeah, that is odd indeed. I dbl checked my settings Ged and here is what they look like. I did another test, image attached, and still nothing went wrong. It's got me stumped! PS: just wondering... are your "Cache Levels" set to 2 or higher? l8r
  9. theKeeper

    Deseparately need help!!!!

    Ok sorry guys, i don't know what happened to my final version, the board must have eaten it for lunch. I've re-uploaded it to my last previous post. Feel free to have a look. Thx for letting me know it got eaten. Again... if anyone wants the PSD file... here's the link to it (it's 77MB)...
  10. theKeeper

    NEED HELP! Birthday photoshop

    LOL nice one Paulus. Definately them good ol' days. Thx Eggy. :)
  11. theKeeper

    NEED HELP! Birthday photoshop

    Just having some fun. Nothing serious here. :)
  12. theKeeper

    lower my car please

    LOL nice one Paul, very nice.
  13. theKeeper

    Deseparately need help!!!!

    The most difficult task here will be to try to get both subjects to look similar in depth/dimension. The photo of the dad is much more high contrast, due to the flash bulb from the camera in that dark room. Whereas the son is sitting in a lighted room being light by a warm yellow lamp bulb...
  14. theKeeper

    Deseparately need help!!!!

    I've also attached a comparison image so you can see how/where the shadows/highlights have been modified; and to what extreme. You'll notice that i was able to bring back some skin texture detail to the right side of the face and lose a lot of the large "hot spot" created by the nearby...
  15. theKeeper

    Deseparately need help!!!!

    I'd just like to say first, that your initial rendition of these combined photos Eggy is more than adequate given what you have to work with. Due to the extreme difference in the composition of each photo there's no real way to composite a perfect compliment of the 2 photos. Some sacrifice...
  16. theKeeper

    Bug in Photoshop CC2015.1

    Yeah Ged that was 16bit for sure. Hmm, that's a tad wierd then. Wonder why that's happening to you and not me. Hey i know... tell me which tool you used in Liquify. I'm thinkin now it must be a specific tool that's creating this anolmoly. I used the PUSH tool. I'm gonna try the other then now...
  17. theKeeper

    How to add this same effect ?

    Hi wewakeparmar. This looks like a drawing/painting to me. In which case, they simply applied the same effect to the entire image.
  18. theKeeper

    Bug in Photoshop CC2015.1

    Hi Ged. I'm afraid i didn't get that same effect as you did. Might it be something about your specific graphics card maybe? I have an AMD Radeon HD 6530D w/1gig ram. I have "Use Processor" turned on.
  19. theKeeper

    How do you put in a colored background?

    Good advice Sam. I would also like to add something on this subject, that may also be of interest/help in this matter. Concerning patterns... Pattern fills can also be done "old school" too imagemaker. This is especially useful if you have a small pattern image that isn't large enough to fill...
  20. theKeeper

    Fixing an old photo

    You're welcome Ged, it's been my pleasure. :) I'm happy to see the place is still around and has grown up so much.