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  1. hishandiwork

    Brought Life To Photo

    This photo was taken back in July of 2009 and edited a few days after... you never know what you'll find when you begin sorting through all of your files. Below is a before and after:
  2. hishandiwork

    Web 2.0 Elements Set

    Thanks.. it took me about 3 to 4 hours to creative from a clean canvas
  3. hishandiwork

    Web 2.0 Elements Set

    Under Construction Design Here is an under construction design that I've created using strictly shape layers (with the exception of shadows/lighting) in PS:
  4. hishandiwork

    Web design: Your Comments are Invaluabe

    x900, I will have to say that your design/layout needs extremely large improvements. You might consider visiting to get an idea of what a good website looks like. Hope that link helps you!
  5. hishandiwork

    Good Site for photoshop stuff ??

    I would definitely recommend to find professional Photoshop graphics. This site is a part of the most well known online Marketplace leader, Envato. GraphicRiver is THE best place to get wallpapers, PS brushes, etc... I purchase all of my professional graphics there if I don't...
  6. hishandiwork

    Three tree

    I like the third image, however I would replace the gray with blue for the sky.
  7. hishandiwork

    Abstract Practice

    I would suggest you clean up the image a little, right now it looks way to busy and confusing. Also, the overall design is very 2D meaning it has no dimension. Try bring more 3D effects into the image like adding subtle shadows (especially for the page curl next to the eyeball). Those are my...
  8. hishandiwork

    "The Realm"-Photo Manipulation...What do you think?

    Try to bring more color to the hands... and possibly use more sharp looking hands. The hands currently are bland and very blurry. Those are my first thoughts/suggestions after looking at the image for 10 seconds.
  9. hishandiwork

    Some of my stuff.

    Like the soccer image, but don't particularly like the three red stripes/lines. Trying getting rid of those and possibly lightening up the soccer player's face, right now, it's too dark. Nice work!
  10. hishandiwork

    My first venture into FTP

    Very interesting thread... really no point. Also, I'm with sanssecret, your link takes me to a "Page Not Found".
  11. hishandiwork

    HomePage created in Ps, need to import to iWeb

    There is no way to export layers from Photoshop to iWeb... you will need to slice your images up in Photoshop and save for web and devices and then build your website with the images that you have exported. I suggest you learn about XHTML/CSS and build your website from scratch. Don't mess...
  12. hishandiwork

    Layers and slicing for web

    Yep, I know exactly what you're talking about, and I have done this many times. Simply select all of the layers that you want to make slices out of and go to the menu at the top in Photoshoip "Layer" and click "New Layer Based Slice". This will make slices for every layer that you have...
  13. hishandiwork

    Best Way To Make Selection in photoshop ...

    I would zoom up close in the image using the zoom tool (press "z" key) and use the pen tool to outline your object. This is the most accurate method of cutting an object out of an image.